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Nancy Wyatt

That is a great list and great accomplishments! I love visiting my friends in AZ even with that heat! It's a great place to be! Happy Birthday to your friend Chanel!


Awesome, amazing list.
And don't worry, we're all allowed to be lame friends when life gets complicated. I'm sure your friends understand!! :o)
Enjoy your home. So excited to see what you start making on that desk. *wink*

Michelle Aguilar

Wow, an amazing list! "happy Birthday to your friend Chanel" (love the name)
Ok, well is she the one that was cooking a while back in your kitchen in china? That amazing dish?
Ok, have a great day and sorry I missed you at SBE. Trying to save via CE!

Lindsay Bateman

Awesome post! I LOVE the concept of "energy IN"...makes me anticipate the course in Edmonton you will be teaching! I am all about energy these days...healing crystals...reiki...you name it! Also so excited to hear more about Creative Escape! I am so lucky to be attending this year as well! Thank you for sharing your inspiring list!:)


thank you sweet friend. I had a great birthday ... thanks for everyones kind wishes too! I must start using my energy journal again ... its such a great tool!
luv ya


Hey Heidi-
I just took your class here in Az and I had to leave a few minutes early to get my kids so I didn't really get to say THANK YOU! Thanks for the great pep-talk and inspiration! I had a great time in class.

Sharon F. Oakland, CA

Wonderful tribute to your friend. Did you know another famous Chanel celebrated her birthday here in the US? Chanel is the oldest living dog. She had a huge party on Wednesday in NY. She has to wear sunglasses because she has cataracts, but other than that she is healthy. A cute terrier mix who was a rescue dog. It was on the Today show and in the papers.

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