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Nancy Wyatt

Not sure if you have ever tried this recipe but it is awesome!

Texas Caviar
Drain everything, so easy!

Black beans – 1 can
Black eye peas – 1 can
White hominy – 1 can
Yellow hominy – 1 can
Rotel – 2 cans
Cilantro – 1 bunch
Green onion – 1 bunch
Garlic powder and salt to taste

Serve with Tostitos or like chip!

Sandy M

Haha goodness, when Nancy said Texas Caviar, I thought she meant something else...LOL
Heidi, it is so nice to see that you are so thoughtful and wonderful to your children's teachers and admin team. I can't believe school is out already for your kids. There's still the entire month of June left for the kids in Canada. I hope you guys have a super fun time tonight and the rest of the summer.
Congrats to the Teacher Kit winner.

Charmaine Thirion

Hi!!! Oh nice, we have winter in South Africa.... BooHoo

Enjoy your evening, summer is soooo much fun!!!!!

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