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OK. it worked. I've got to have one now.

Nancy Wyatt

Great job and can't wait to see what you are creating! Hugs from Conroe, TX!

Tamikko Gordin

this is absolutely beautiful. a piece of art! now i want one just so i can decorate it.
have fun at ranger u and please tell us all about it when you get back.


Hi Heidi! You will probably see/meet my friend Saundra from Eureka, CA :) Tell her I said hi and LUCKY girl! :) Have a great time!

Rachael Wood

Wow heidi, that is amazing! If at any point you decide you want to decorate another one, you can send it to me. Plum blossoms are my favorite!


That is really beautiful.

I've been following your work for quite a few years now, and I have to say that you're well of creativity and inspiration just doesn't run dry... :-) Thank you for sharing your discoveries and really -- I don't think you realize this -- but you actually share enthusiasm. Six years ago, I bought Designing with Notions on impulse, and I nearly fell over with what was inside. I felt the same way when I scrolled down over the Binderie. You know what? I don't even know what that is...but it is so beautiful, that it motivates me to re-open the Paper Arts Door :-). Thank you for that. Thank you for all of it -- and for sharing here.


Oooh Heidi. This is so beautiful. Very creative and you know have a one of a kind binderie. I'm anxious to get my hands on one of these beauties.

Happy Summer.


Sandy M

The paper is super gorgeous. I will be in China next month and I cannot wait to replicate my own blinging binderie. Very nice sparkling touch on the flowers.
Thank you soo much for sharing and have fun at Range U.

Cindy G

I just bought a Binderie and never thought of decorating it! Hmmmm . . . the possibilities!


That looks amazing!! Soooo much better than just plain! I, too, love the gypsies!

Tifany D.



This is beautiful! Is this the same as a zutter? Say "hi" to T!m for us...enjoy RangerU


i love how you decorated your binderie punch! would love to win one and decorate it too!

Elaine Noble

You can really tell that you put the "Heidi touch" to this Binderie! You are just amazing. Loved you tales of China, but glad you are back home. I have several ideas for decorating a Binderie with vinyl. Can't you just see it?

Dawn Hueser

This looks really fabulous!


It looks beautiful, Heidi!!

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