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Heidi, I just emailed you so excited to hear about this amazing opportunity, hoping to hear from you really soon!!!!


Ummmm...does my ward count as an Independent? :)


I would love to do this...took the "Year to Remember" class the other year and loved it!
Unfortunately, they aren't really any independent SB stores in my area any more...
they all gave way to the chains!


i am so excited for you, Heidi!
any store would be lucky and blessed to have you teach.
Good luck!!

Stefani Meyer

thanks for the walk down Memory Lane.... bahahahaha! I crack myself up. But seriously, I loved that store too. So, so inspirational! Plus I have been an avid Heidi follower ever since then (maybe even before) They know talent when they see it!

And I'm calling up my best girl in San Jose who owns a store and see if she'll get you to come teach. I would be first in line for the class(es)!

liz kartchner

very cool!! loved reading this SO much!

hope you come to utah to teach!

Naomi Ev.

aaah, Memory Lane...I remember it too. The creative writing class..WOW!! Who would have thought!! Congrats!! I'm looking forward to more of your classes at SB Etc. Welcome back!!


Oooooh, do you want to come to Denmark !?

If you are planning any European tours - please let me know and we can set a date...


sara lambert

What a shame you're not in the UK!


The original Memory Lane in the little old house was WONDERFUL! The new store was also fantastic and how I miss them. YOU, little missy, stood out from the crowd immediately. You truly are extremely talented and super CUTE! My little ones are grown now, and I would love to learn some of your digital skills. **blows kisses** Deborah

Elaine Plemons

How interesting to hear the "back story" again...I was visiting my sister who lives in Gilbert, AZ when I happened into the old store, and from then on, WHENEVER I went to Phoenix area, it was a must stop--with NO kids! So much fun. I have to also add that MY VERY FIRST scrapbook class was with you, Heidi--eons ago (You had just had Quincy--or were pregnant, can't remember which.) You were late--and blew in--turned on a Cheryl Crow number, at full blast--for inspiration--and off we went. It was wild!! Wasn't sure at first, but I found myself so enthralled and inspired within 30 minutes, that I wanted to take any class from you I could. But, alas, I was never able to take another class from you again--(HOPING you get to Atlanta or Nashville area, with this new venture!) But I did by any book or magazine where I saw you had contributed. LOVE keeping up with you on your blog. Thank-you for the inspiration and joy you have brought these many years...Elaine Plemons

Karen Forgang

Thanks for sharing your story! I have always been inspired by your work and would absolutely LOVE to attend one of your classes. I am lucky enough to be in AZ, so I am hoping you'll be teaching at one of the many stores here (maybe Scrapbooks Etc. and/or Scrapbook Barn right near my house :)). I look forward to reading your blog daily, and hope to be in one of your classes soon!

Aimee G.

That's a cool story. What a serendipitous way to have become a scrapbooking teacher! It'd be great to see some examples of your first scrapbook pages! Can you share? :)


What a great story! i believe in fate and yours was a perfect example. thanks for sharing.

Sandy M

Thank you for sharing Heidi.
It is always inspiring to hear personal success story. It motivates others like me to achieve their dreams. I will definitely let my local scrapbook store owners know about the Inspiration Session. They are both very fun ladies and super creative.
Have a good day:)

Rhonna Farrer

love this. always so fun to hear how things unfold in everyone's journey & process!


I love your story. I never would have thought you were embarrassed by your work...maybe that gives me hope for my own tiny future in the industry. Want to "Thank You" from the bottom of my heart for teaching in that old house. Your class was the first scrapbook related class i had ever taken and you were amazing. I was skinny then. I still dislike my handwriting, cannot use pens because southpaws smear ink, but i work at it with colored pencils which are more forgiving. Your classes were and still are the best out there!! Glad you are home. PS-if i ever move out-of-state i will ask lss to invite you for sure. Many Blessings!


I am so excited..I have been telling my sbs that they MUST have you in for a teaching weekend..I am running there now to have them see your blog and maybe we will see you in Langley, British Columbia soon!!!!


cute story!


Oh wow! Any chance you will ever offer a class on-line for all us gals with families and no local scrapbook store?


I love this story! and look at all the designers! my sister in law and I have always wanted to visit Memory Lane just because of you! so excited about this opportunity!


I enjoyed hearing your story. Thanks for sharing. I'll sign-up for the class if you come to our area. I took your A Year to Remember class and loved it. You ROCK!


an on-line class would be awesome for this. i, too, do not have a local store. please consider...


I remember taking a class from you @ Memory Lane and you had just found out you were pregnant with Quincy! WHERE does the time go?
And I'm still mad at Alison for closing the store, LOL! I do seriously still miss it though!


I loved your story! I sure hope you can come to Cleveland or Columbus soon....I would sign up in a minute! I hope you will share where you will be! I took your Year to Remember class and loved it!

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