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Nancy Wyatt

Is the 5 dollar off the total order or per item over 9.99? I'm getting ready to hit the buy button and saw the $5 off just once and wanted to be sure ;)


I just copied the 5dollarfriday code from your blog into the discount code and it doesn't work. Am I doing something wrong?


it works now!


Not working again...any ideas?


i'm also not getting in to work :-(

elzbieta kaminski

5dollarfriday code is invaid here :( lemme know they fix it up. thanks

Marlene Moore

Heidi, any chance the code will get to work today, been trying it and it will not work.

Melody Williamson

I couldn't get it to work either=(. I'll see you at your class on Tuesday though and I will give you a hard time then=) totally kidding don't be scared!


I can't get the code to work either... hoping it gets working before days end...


I want to buy the House Warming kit but the 5dollarfriday coupon isn't working.


5dollarfriday not working for me. Sent email with purchase information. Please advise as i would like to take advantage of your offer. thanks,

Michelle Aguilar

really cute Heidi!thanks!
your colors are devine!
happy Sunday. Family day, Yippee!!!


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