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Very interested in how to use the July 4th brushes with new words. How do you cover the existing logo to replace with another word splash? (Can't wait for the new font....saw Rhonna's tweet re: and I am checking daily).


I am always SO amazed by what you and the rest of the H of 3 girls can do!!! You truly inspire me daily!! Wish I actually had more time to scrap!!


i can't wait to see what you do with those papers! do you have cutter that makes those neat parenthesis like shapes?


Thanks for the info about the Ranger paints being reformulated. I just add water to my old paints that get hard and mix until I get the consistency right to come through the applicator. Even those really hard paints can be rehabbed! I wonder how long until the stores have the new design in stock??? I'll have to be on the lookout for that!
Aloha, Kate

johanna  (from sweden)

i have some dobber by ranger, but irealy don't have the inspiration, so i'm looking forward what you are doing whit these...
have a nice week.

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