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Laurie Takens

Wow, I'm the first! I capture summer by relaxing under the gazebo on the deck with a fabulous book!


I capture summer by sloooowing down and doing very simple snd FUN things with my family (like backwards dinners or breakfast dinners!) that schedules sometimes make difficult.

Tamikko Gordin

I capture summer in about 2000 pictures. They do eventually get onto a couple of lo's but I really do need to get them into some albums and into peoples hands so they can be enjoyed and remembered.

alison russell

i capture summer with movie nights and campfires in our backyard complete with smores.

Shirley K.

Through blogging and scrapbooking . . . I'm contemplating a mini book that I can just stick 4x6 photos into . . . we'll see.


I capture summer by hanging with the kids creating memories together and photographing my heart out. I'm actually doing a better job of blogging about it too this year.

Kimberly Marcus

I capture summer by enjoying the warm sunny days in our backyard, at the beach, park or just visiting friends. I love long lazy days when there is no agenda to keep.

miss h

I jumped on the "A-photo-a-day" this year, and I have an album for those photos. Also trying to get some lo's done... Today, we were all looking out the window watching the big thunderstorm we had this morning :(

Jaime Benavides

Looks like your baby's party was a hit!!! Thanks for the inspiration, Heidi - as always... ;) Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Jennifer Findlay

I capture summer with watermelon, skirts, flip flops, good reading, a sun tan, a freckled nose, and evening walks with lots of pics in between.

Charlene Williams

I spend the summer capturing all the "together moments" my family has. It's very special time- wether it's something organized like playing in the pool out back, going on picnics, spending time with friends and family or everyday tasks like mowing the lawn, watering the flowers or just having lunch on the back deck. The common element in all of these activities is the togetherness that we find so hard to come by during the busy school year.

Marlene Moore

What a coincidence, my husband and youngest are off to Camp Geronimo today too, their
troop is at Campsite #13!


I capture summer by taking tons of pictures and then later I do a "summer in review" layout for each of my kids. It's a great way to use some of those random cute pictures that really show what summer is all about!


I capture summer by slowing down and relaxing more with family and friends.

Jill Strasser

I capture summer by doing things with my family that we wouldn't ordinarily do! Spending time in the northwoods - savoring the moments! Ahhhh..this is the life!


I capture the summer by being "present" with my kids. Enjoying the time I have at home with them and trying to expose them to new experiences. A new adventure! I try to keep our family blog updated with the memories.


I love summer and spending time outside! We try to get out as much as possible whether it's the pool, the park or just around the block. And I DID see that adorable book at Ho3. Can't wait to see more detailed pictures!

Melissa Morrill

Pictures. I take my camera everywhere and take pictures all day long! If only a camera could capture scents...sunscreen, BBQ's, fireworks, rainstorms....I love summer :)

Tifany D.

I'm pretty new into scrapbooking...but I am pretty sure the Hof3 goodies would help me capture summer!!!

Katy Young

I take pictures of the kids year round but summer is the best w/ pool, beach and Popsicle! lol.


I capture summer at soccer tournaments in the 100 degree weather. My DD plays soccer all year round and this is when I get my summer tan and fits of hay fever (and about 400 digital pics), but I wouldn't trade it for the world.


I capture our summer with lots of snow-cones, pictures and family time with my girls. I journal the highlights to go back to when school is back in session, don't want to miss anytime we could spend together!


You always come up with the cutest ideas. And Hello, I love those cups, you don't have to worry about having marker around to put everyones name on the cup. Thanks for the tip, they are on my grocery list now.

Gail D

I capture summer by exhaling!!!! The kids are off to camp and dh and I can chill on the deck with mint tea.

Gail D.


I capture summer by taking a TON of pictures and trying to capture the everyday things we do. Swimming in the pool, walks, the beach, etc.

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