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I capture summer by keeping filling in a daily calendar of stuff that we do as a family or stuff the girls say or do and then take tons of pics. The calendar helps me remember the details..... We spend a lot of time at the pool and with family and friends and then take one big road trip in the summer.


I capture summer in the eyes of my kids as they reflect the joy of playing on the beach, running in the sand, building sandcastles.... I capture summer on film to keep for all eternity (or so I hope)!


i love it. we swim everyday. that is how we capture summer!

Diane Stewart

Would you believe I capture Summer by doing a million projects. Painting rooms, repainting a yardsale desk (with the help of my son of course!) I just seem to want to get everything in order before winter. I do make it camping, fishing etc. as well and those days are very well documented with my camera :)

Jennifer C

Oh my gosh this is perfect to document our summer weekends at the lake. I will definately be looking forward to seeing that whole book!

Amanda Duff

Kive tgus Heidi! Great work as always.

I capture my summers by minibooking. It's my passion and my favorite time to document. We love the water and the sun!


We capture summer by sleeping in, a bit, swimming, beaching, boating on the weekends and of coarse tons of pics to document this journey!!


I try and try to capture summer, but it keeps slipping through my fingers and before I know it, tans are faded and Christmas music is playing. Otherwise, I take a ton of pictures and love every minute of the experience!


Enjoying the warm air...not the snow. Just being outside, especially at night since it's light out until midnight!


I've been remembering summer more through my blog than anything else this summer. I'm looking forward to getting the photos in a photo album. So far I've taken about 600 pictures, not counting the dozens of silly but fun "Photo Booth" pictures the girls have taken when they are bored! The summer book template kit looks cool!

Amy Smith

Summer for us is slowing down to almost a halt. My son wrestles and so the end of the school year is soooo busy actually it starts in Nov. and ends in April....sort of. There are still tournaments for the die-hards. So he is away visiting and I am getting caught up. haha


I've been waiting for a summer book and it's coming just int time! Now all I have to do is win. pick me! pick me! ooh, ooh, me, me!!

Beth Jacobs

I capture summer by eating lots of ice cream and spending time at the pool with the kids.

Sarah L

I capture summer by chiling out and living in the moment!!


Great stuff. the party looks like fun. My oldest nephew just made Eagle scout and is at camp this week with his younger brother who just started.

Rebecca Y

Tons of out door fun - parks, swimming, beaches. Love the cups and the banner.


Those Solo cups are the best :)


i capture summer at the beach taking in all the sights and sounds.... there's no place like the beach!!!!

Liz Oram

Right now it's by capturing sun flares in my photos...nothing says summer more to me than the sun...hehehe!!

Whitney Seeman

I haven't really thought of how I capture summer, but I do know that my son has been getting older and we have been able to start doing some more things this summer and having more fun and being able to really do summer type things and I don't want to forget these firsts for him. I have been better at taking pics and I really need some fun way to put it together....maybe this kit is just what I need! :)

Summer Braxton

Most of our summer is spent on our boat. We are native Floridians who used to be able to boat year round. But now we live in NoVA and have only a few short months where we don't freeze our faces, so we take advantage of the warm weather.

Kim H.

I capture summer by watching it flutter by like a butterfly and then try and chase it. It's crazy how fast summer flies!


...by jumping right in the fun first. And then taking lots of pictures! If the pictures are forgotten, extra special journaling is the way to go.


I just try to enjoy every minute of it --- winters here are awful!

KJ Miller

Heidi remember to have someone take pics of you. I miss you in the group collage. It all looks great. Cute, cute silk screening, (the spirit of Howdy) and cute, cute connor

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