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Wendy Bryan

Summer is capturing my two boys' everyday lives in photographs so they can always see how fun it was for us all to be home together and just be "us". This kit inspires me! I'd love to win!

janie whitney

I capture summer by just "taking it one day at a time". We end up making plans up as we go sprinkle it with a few planned activities and "wa-lah" fun...fun...fun.


We CAPTURE summer by getting back on track as a family. Slowing down the pace. Focusing on our family by sitting under the stars at night and talking, by eating out at special restaurants and not rushing through the meal, by going to the beach house, by riding bikes at night. Summer mends the frazzle caused during the school year.


We capture summer with tons and tons of photos that are combined into a collage with mementos of summer outings....a bit of an event brochure, tickets, party napkins, etc. It's a fun keepsake that allows us to look back and remember all the good times.


Forgot to add that a tasty cherry limeade from Sonic "captures" summer for me! Any time of year I get one of those drinks and it takes me away. :)

April V

I capture summer by going with the flow.. i think my kids like me better in the summer because we are so relaxed.. I haven't done my best taking pictures this summer, but thankfully my dad has a picture taking problem.. so we have all the photographic evidence of the summer that we need....


Capturing summer is all about spending time at a lakeside cabin with friends and family. Doing nothing, reading, playing games

Erin Whelan

We Capture summer with trips to the local ice-cream store. Drives out to Waterton Lakes National Park for hiking, bear watching and of course "Big Scoop" ice cream. My favorite summer photos to take include my son playing in the water or taking part in a game of baseball or soccer. Thanks for sharing the awesome kit love!

Paula Heutsche

I capture summer by taking two separate one week vacations to stay home with my kids. We camp out in the backyard, make smores, hobo pies, go to the peninsula, swim in a local pool, and sleep in every day. What a way to recharge!

gina p

Making sure that I always have my camera available and doing as much fun stuff as possible with the kiddos. Summer goes by too fast, so you have to make the most of it!!

Catherine Aguilera

I love summer, living in the Pacific NW we don't have a very long one and we don't get too many hot sunny days. Sunshine is the best, makes me feel alive, hopeful and happy.

liz hagage

i capture summer by going to the pool or water parks every chance i get. (so cold here in edmonton most of the year). might be off there tomorrow since its the 1st HOT day here lol

Holli Careswell

I capture summer by sometimes putting the camera away and getting in on the action, not just being a spectator! Today that involved going down waterslides at the water park with the kids-yikes!


I capture summer by reading tons of books!! I love it!!

Regina Friedman

I capture summer by taking as many photos as possible. My children are beautiful so it's not too hard.


wish we had summer holiday like you guys!!! it's the middle of the winter in South Africa and we are freezing our buts off! So a little summer fun would go a LOOOOONG way here! love your stuff Heidi! you rock!!! Heidi xx

Denise K.

Gotta capture summer by waiting til no one is looking.....then taking tons of pictures of everyone in action...whatever they are doing...at home, on vacation, inside, outside, backyard, pool, friends, etc...this seems to capture everyone enjoying their summer break!!


i capture summer by taking photos of lazy summer moments and later on in the year.. scrap them!

Becky Swisher

I capture summer by living it and having the camera near by. Sometimes it's the shot of the lemonade stand in the front yard...(have many shots of the sign) it's great to see the handwriting change through the years. Sometimes is pool shots...and sometimes it's just shots of summer flowers blooming and capturing faces at just before dusk...summer light in the evening is the best!

Gina J.

I capture summer, by walking throug the wet sand at the beach with my two children and husband, just feeling the sea in between my toes, hearing and smelling the sea. Seeing the smiles on there sunny faces and hearing them laughter. Just 3 weeks of having fun, not to worried about the agenda and watching the time. Just enjoying our family and being togehter, and making tons of pictures so we can make a summer album.


capturing the summer by spending relaxing days and evenings with friends and family


Hi luv. Just chking ur blog from garys blackberry. So cool. I am excited to see the t-shirts. Now I just hv 2 get u to mail it -lol. Luv cha


I capture summer by reading a lot and relaxing in the sun!

Stephanie V

Can't wait to see what you have instore for this Summer book. I have lived in Florida all my life where we experience "summer" practically all year and I just LOVE it! I have to admit that I am running out of ideas to capture summer so I am very excited about the inspiration that you'll be sending my way!


I love your photos as always but holy cow great find on the new solo cups!!! I haven't seen them but you can bet I'll be looking for them!!!

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