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I have a photo that I love--it's a pic of my husband and me in Alaska (in front of s glacier). I want to remember how much fun we had together. It was so hard to spend the money on such a big trip, but it was so worth it. I also want to remember to enjoy life and each other.

Bobbi-Jo G.

I captured this moment with my four daughters where they are all hugging and laughing. I would love to mount that since that moment is one of those "few and far between" ones :) I've never heard of this site - thanks for introducing us~


OOh that is cool! I would do a photo of my husband fishing in Mexico. He caught his first palametta (sp?) and his grin says it all!


Great giveaways!

I would definitely put a picture of my children on the standout mount. They will soon have a sibling, and I'd love a picture of just the two of them at exactly the ages they are now, before little sis gets here

Melissa Hinkle

Hmm...I have a special photo of my immediate family, one of the last taken when my father was still alive, and we're all laughing, silly and it's totally random and impromptu. I love it...and I would have the story of us printed on the back.

Lola Fields

If were to win the photo lab I would use a photo of my granddaught. She is the best thing that has ever happened to our family.

Laurie Raiche

We have added new members to our family so we need a new family picture. It would be great to put it on the stand out mount. Thank you for the giveaways.

Lola Fields

Not sure where I should post for the log your memory give away so I'll try both places


great stuff! i would have a photo of our family vacation down the shore...to remember all our carefree and easy days at the beach just enjoying eachother. thank you for the chance to win!

Ashley Meek

These Standout mounts are lovely! I've been slowly working on a wall photo collage for my daughters play room. I have an silly new photo of her putting on lipstick that would be perfect in a Standout Mount! Love the modern look of them. What I remember every time I look at this photo is how fast my little girl is growing up! Only two and putting on lipstick like a pro! Before we know it she'll be moving out!


I have the log your memory, but would love to get the new book!!! I would put a picture of my 4 grandsons on the standout mount.

Carrie Romero

Great giveaway! Love LYM! I would use a picture of kids of course!

Laura Aguilar

I would print a photo I was able to capture recently of my son bending down to pick a dandelion. It is gorgeous and his profile is always something I love capturing! Thanks for the chance!


I would definitely use the board for a family photo. Probably one of our family up at camp in the Sierras. That would be super! Thanks for an opportunity to win!
Aloha, Kate

Lindzie Head

Our stand out moment for this past year would be the birth of our daughter :) She has brought so much joy in our lives. Thanks for the chance to win! You're awesome.

Lynna Demay

Wow, This is a great giveaway.
I never win, but the 20% off is great too.


Sharlene Piscitelli

Awesome giveaways! I would use a photo of my son on one of his archaeology digs on the standout mount.


Wow, I love Colorinc! I would use a photo of my daughter, Marenta's, wedding this past Fall. It was such a fun and memorable day! Thanks for give away

Shirley McHugh

Such wonderful giveaways! I would use a multi-generational family photo on the standout mount.

Antoinette Naude

Hi there, thanks for sharing those lovely pics from your trip!
I've been meaning to print a photo I took of the largest waterfall region in our beautiful country South Africa. It's call the Augrabies and it was absolutely stunning to see it last month.
Take care :-)

Carrie P

Off the top of my head, I'm not sure, but I'm sure I could find a picture of our kids, or maybe grandparents. thanks for the show last night want to get started on something springy!

Kim Birkinbine

What a great giveaway! I think my standout picture would be one of my son at our family cabin last summer. It is a beautiful picture of him...innocent and sweet, which is hard to come by for an active 8 year old boy!!!

Dani Larcom

I would place my favorte photo of my daughters walking up the lighthouse path in Maine on one of our family in the standout mount. Thanks for the chance!

Jamie Slay

I would make the print of three little flower girls staring into a fountain at my sister's wedding.


I would use it as a wedding gift to my new sister-in-law and brother-in-law. There are a few wedding pictures I took of them and would make it black and white. I would glam the picture up so its popping already. ;) Add a clear diamond jewel or two and ta-da, perfection!

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