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My favorite part of spring is the light earlier in the morning and the "popcorn" blossoms!

Karen H

I love the bright,whispy green of trees in bud against a bright,sunny blue sky.

Jenny Johns

I love that the Spring showers in Arizona brings the scent of the desert...kwim?! *smile* Have safe travels!

Lani L.

Fresh Beginnings & Sun-Kissed Faces


April Fool's Day is always fun to play jokes on my family. And i love the Spring rains...with little birdies chirping and laying eggs in our backyard.

Julie Weidner

The best part of spring is it brings back the gorgeous weather and lots of sunshine with a little bit of breeze! It is that way today - gotta love Florida!

Nadine Su

the fresh smell of grass (:


My fave thing about spring---I love to air out the feather pillows and hang the quilts out to get some good 'fresh air' smell. I also love all the new leaves, baby birds, the feeling of regeneration. There is nothing like freshness and new beginnings to give you a boost!


I LOVE when all the trees burst into green my favorite day all year!


The sunshine, the wonderful smells of flowers and blossoms on trees and the feeling of opening up the windows to allow fresh breezes in !

Kara Slaughter

I love that I can be outside with my boys, and I love that it stays light longer.

Mary Toth

I love the return of the sun after a grey winter!!


I love the new blooms and the fresh, new green grass.

Kathleen Ford

My favorite part of spring is when my two Bradford Pear trees bloom!! They are just so pretty!


Hi! I love that my three boys can play outside. They love to pretend to mow the yard and it's so fun to watch.

Cynthia B.

My favorite part of spring is my daughter's birthday...which just happens to be TODAY! She's my baby and always will be - and I can't believe it's been 8 years now that she's been in our family. :)
Thanks so much for the chance to win. Safe travels, Heidi!

Cynthia B. from Cypress TX


I love the fresh smell of flowers and cut grass. I also love having our doors and windows open all day long!!
Have a great time in Italy!

Laura Stewart

I love taking my dog for walks in the spring


My favorite part of Spring is that Winter is over, yeah! No more layers and layers of clothing. My skin can feel sunshine! Love all the emerging flowers in the gardens and all the lovely fresh bright greens in nature. I have been taking photos can't wait to crop!


I live in Queensland, Australia and our winters are very mild so there isn't a huge change in seasons. Spring to me means wonderful weather. Not to hot and not too cold. Time to get back in the pool.

Brenda Lubrant

I love the peaking of the spring flowers from underneath the leaves in my garden. It is so much fun to go outside on a nice Spring day and take a peak.

Erin Koirtyohann

I love the how happy everyone gets when it gets sunny and warm. My son (2) has been so excited the last few days being able to go outside and run around, swing and even go fishing with his dad!

Lola Fields

My favorite part of spring: 1. longer days
2. the first blooms of the season my crocus.
3. birds building nest 4. warmer days 5. opening the pool


Warmer weather is what I love the most about spring! hugs, Margie Rowles

Denise Mills

I was raised in Arizona, where the signs of Spring are more subtle and fleeting, so now in Idaho I really enjoy finding the little plants coming to life. And this year we are enjoying watching the growth of tulips planted last Oct. ( You can't do that in AZ!)

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