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Wendy Peatross

I love Christy's stuff. Her kits are so fun and easy to put together.


So cute!!! Great giveaway by Scarlet Lime. I am looking forward to nice weather, flowers, and lots of time at the lake!

Summer Braxton

I am a HUGE Scarlet Lime fan!!!! I won a watch kit through TC last year. And just LAST WEEK I bought another 4 bead kits to switch out. They are soooo chunky and fun and interesting and a conversation starter. I'm talking to so many random people across town over these beads :)
Oh, I'm looking forward to a ton of guests this summer :)


You sound like you feel a little better this AM. I am so looking forward to my Niece's wedding in july, the whole family will be together and it is going to be such a special time for the joining of our families!

Holly Sloat

I am looking most forward to fireworks on the Battleship on the 4th of July! Love SL and I sent 2 bead watch kits to my daughter and her roommate away at college and they adored them! Super cute and easy to put together! I would love to win some more for her-thanks!

Laura McNeal

Wow beautiful!! I am most looking forward to time to myself this summer (just a little). I have been homeschooling my youngest because she was diagnosed with dyslexia. Thanks for the chance to win! Laura McN


Fabulous...love it!!! I am looking forward to long sunny days, BBQ's & fireflies this summer... :)


I am looking forward mostly to spending the warm summer days at the pool with the kids and eating fresh watermelon!

Account Deleted

Wow, how awesome!! Thanks for the chance to win. :)

The thing I'm looking forward to most this summer is time. My youngest starts Kindergarten this year and I am going to treasure every single minute of this time I have with her before that happens!
- April W


Ooo I am TOTALLY inspired by that watch kit! An idea popped in my head like a bolt of lightening!
What I am looking forward to this summer is my DD is JUST old enough this year to play and enjoy the water park and the pool...I'm looking forward to some great pics of that and of course getting in on the action! We are also doing a staycation of some Zoo time and the beach! Bring on the warm weather already!! Rain rain go away! LOL from Vancouver :)

Karalyn Burnside

I can't wait to go to the lake and to the beach this summer. Isabelle (my 13 month old) will enjoy being there so much this summer. She loves being outside, so I can't wait to see her reactions to the lake and the ocean water!

Jennifer Waters

I'm just looking forward to some SUN! Living in the Seattle area, it's amazing how much the sun improves everyone moods. And love evening walks/bbqs!

Marty Walden

I'm looking forward to less formal homeschooling and more independent learning. And sleeping later!


I look forward to a lack of schedule. Thanks for a chance to win!


What a great giveaway. I have one of the watchart kits and it was so easy to put together.
Here's hoping that summer gets to your part of the world soon. It is soo much warmer than normal here in Southern Ontario.

Louise Dubord

Going to Creative escape and meet YOU in person!


this is gorgeous...pink is also my fave color heidi;D thanks for this opportunity...i'm looking forward to sunshine & warmness...lots of rain here now. the upside is that everything is so GREEN now & lush...but warmness is definitely needed too :)

Terra Sovinsky

I am looking forward to going to the pool and the beach, that is the best part of summer for me. Besides staying in the AC being in the water is one of only ways to remain cool in the Texas summer heat.


Scarlet Lime rocks!!! Thanks for the opportunity to win:)


Oops forgot to answer... I am looking forward to enjoying the sun in southern California:)


I am looking forward to decreased scheduling of my kiddos. I feel like all I did was organize their schedules...to the fault of my own!!!

Denise Mills

This Summer we are going to take time to
recreate, that is to Re-Create! To create again or renew what our family needs:
Art! I want to do some relaxed, collaborative creating with my kids.
So for us, Summer is a time to Re-Creare!


What an adorable and generous giveaway. My boys transitioned into Boy Scouts years ago...it quite a special accomplishment


Oooops I forgot to answer the post too.....I am looking forward to watching my son fly our Hot Air Balloon this summer. He is 21 and competes in events around the midwest.


Oh I Love Scarlet lime! I have a couple watch bands, and would LOVE to win this! I am looking forward to not having a schedule this summer. Not having to be at school early in the morning, or anywhere else for that matter! And spending more time with my 4 girlies. :) Happy Summer!

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