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Michele  Frantz

We spend this 4th of July with Family. My grandma is 83 years old and doesn't get out much, so we all went to spend the holiday with her. It was also the first time that all 7 of the cousins were together on this holiday (ages 2-8). It was fun..sparklers, fireworks and family!!!

Gail LaCroix

We had a delightful time with at my sister's house with family --lots of great food, great laughter, fireworks. So much fun the heat didn't bother us.

Angela Chong

Pool party at in-law's with the kids and watch fireworks at night.

Melinda Wilson

This year we celebrated on a cruise ship in the middle of the gulf on our way back to New Orleans.


Church then a cookout at my mom's. Burgers, hotdogs, watermelon, fresh corn, and way too much food, followed by lots of talk and kids running around until dark. Then my brothers are in charge of the fireworks show. The kids got to play with sparklers. It was a long, hot but oh, so fun day.

Monica Ferri

We had a family of 6 at our home for the weekend, had a fireworks block party with neighbors, lots of picnics/cookouts, parades, watersliding, and backyard fun! Thanks for the giveaway Heidi!


we celebrate his birthday every year on the fourth so we always have some lil celebration albeit we dont celebrat the fourth over here

Meghan Woeppel

Great giveaway!
Spent the 4th with family & friends & watched in amazement at the reaction of my son to fireworks!!

Amber Curtis

We went to church in the morning and then to my sister's house for burgers and hot dogs :)


Leave it to my hubby & 2 other dads to have some fun with the sparklers after the kids were done... Here is what we did - I took the pix and put together this video to share with family & friends. Hope you enjoy, too!

Lola Fields

Hometown stuff: Turning of the Pig,Parade,and fireworks. Home stuff: swimming,cooking,eating, fireworks and eating.


We had a great BBQ this year then lit the fire pit on the sidewalk and made s'mores while watching fireworks, Very fun!


I live in a "destination" city for the 4th of July (we are a beach town that has a big parade and fireworks)...so I stayed home ;) Man, you can't even drive around here on the 4th (last year my friend who lives 10 minutes away, in the next beach town, drove to my house...it took her an HOUR!). My husband dared to ride his bike around (I didn't want to get hit by a tourist not paying attention LOL)...so I scrapped. I also watched the fireworks from my backyard that evening.


My husband and I drove to Minnesota (9 1/2 hours) to visit a friend. We spent the weekend boating, going to a fish fry, eating pizza at a neighbors resort. On the evening of the 3rd, the little town we were staying in put on the most spectacular fireworks show. The motel we stayed at had it's own pier, and an older couple we had met joined us on the pier to watch. I was so glad I had put aside the expense of boarding the dogs, gas for the pickup and the cost of the motel. The memories of the weekend were priceless!

Anna Vaschina

Being an Aussie,I sent a message on Facebook to my US friends and then we went to church and had lunch with our parents.

Elisha Wiggins

We had a super fun 4th of July at the beach this year. We went to a cute little beach town that does this awesome 4th of July parade along with an incredible fireworks display at night! It was magical and I took SO many pictures.


We went down to Springfield (IL) and visited the many historical Lincoln sites. We also got a chance to hang out at the lake and ended the weekend with a fabulous fireworks show in front of the state capitol building.

Celeste Smith

cheesy fireworks


Cute kit. Being Canadian we don't celebrate the 4th as much as the 1st but it turned into a great looong weekend this year. Fireworks, picnics and bonfires with friends were the highlights. And a family wedding with the opportunity to see relatives that live across the country. Hope the Canadian part doesn't exclude me from the giveaway.

Amber Dawson

I spent the weekend with my parents, we just did a simple barbecue. My parent's 30th wedding anniversary was the next day, so we spent time together celebrating that as well.


We started celebrating on the 3rd with our big hometown parade followed by a BBQ, an afternoon visit with family and old friends that lasted through a fantastic fireworks show. THEN...on the 4th, my sister and I did the craziest thing we have ever done before! After church and lunch while relaxing in my living room, we schemed up road tripping with the kids to WaterSound,FL. (12 hour drive). Well, 2 hours later we were on the road! Parents and husbands shaking their heads!! (LOL) What an incredible time we had and a memory that will forever put a smile on my face!


The 4th was hot and humid here but we were on a lake so it was bearable. fireworks at night on the pontoon out in the middle of the lake and before that an awesome bbq with so many goodies!


We spent our 4th on the Coast with family. The beach, a fabulous parade, fireworks and good food....sooooooo much fun!


Filling 300 water balloons for 5 kids. Oldest being 7, that was hilarious! Especially with the 23 month old.

Julie Luca

Listening to the fireworks (hard to see them in the land of the midnight sun) BBQ steak and corn on the cob. Wonderful day!

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