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Will definitely check out that sight - thanks for the giveaway!

Rocío González

Awesome! I love Simon says stamp!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

Kisses from Spain.

Kristine Camillone

Looks like a great site - will be sure to check it out

Karen Stewart

SimonSaysStamps is a great store! and they ship very quickly! Thanks for the opportunity to win.


crafty girl here... love me a fab stampy-papercrafty store to look thru :o)


Would love to win this great prize!
Thanks for the chance


Would love to win simon says certificate.


Super cool giveaway!! SimonSaysStamp has fabulous stuff!

Martha Richardson

Great place to shop...my cc gasps when I log on to their store!!!!

Francesca Saccarola

Great. I love to buy from Simon Says Stamps. Great give away


Great giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win.

Secret Sister

Amazing gift and it would make a great birthday present :)

Kelly Massman

What a generous giveaway! Thanks for the chance and have a great day!


Thank you for bringing us such great giveaways, and info about wonderful companies. How exciting!

Account Deleted

Awesome giveaway!! Thanks for the chance to win. :)
- April W

Eileen Velez

Great giveaway - thanks for the chance to win!!!

Vicki Jackson

ohhh!! how fun!! Great selection of "must haves"


Love the stamps! The tutorial this week was great - I'm misting anything that doesn't move today!


Always love the idea of getting a sweet present. Thank you.


Simon says "Pick me!!" I'd love to win. I don't have any of their stamps--YET!!!

Melinda Wilson

What a wonderful giveaway. Thanks!!!

Candy Bright

Would love to win this! Thanks for the giveaway.


just what a girl needs....more stamps!!!


Wow what fun checked the site yesterday for your awesome tags,but have to be patient some times like I tell my 3 year old all the time!!! What a fun prize!!! Loved your glimmer mist show loved the new "junk", stuff up on house of 3 and your tag idea!!! Couldn't have wanted more then you do a giveaway!! Awesome!! Congrats early to the lucky winner and have a GREAT WEEKEND HEIDI, ERIC and FAMILY. (Beckett likes to talk to Connor when he sees him on the live show its so cute!! He doesn't really know hes not talking just to him!! Gotta love them!!!)


Larissa Heskett I posted the above comment didn't show who sent it?? Sorry.
My son Beckett likes to talk to Connor on the live shows but dosen't really understand that he's not just talking the him its so sweet!! You just have to love them!! Have a GREAT WEEKEND!!

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