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Cute Cute!!! Would love the chance to win one! Thanks!!!

Carrie P

These are way to cute! Love them all. (i probably would also need a new camera to find a home in one as well.)

Michelle Adams

Very cool! Thanks for the chance!

Donelle Macey

Wow I would have a hard time picking a color,Teal,orange, vine ? Today at my daughters dive meet I found myself with a mound of paraphenalia purse, camera, camera bag,flip plus papers given to me to hold. I think this bag would fit the bill.

Brenda Lubrant

I really like the idea of these totes. What a great idea to have room for your purse items & camera. I guess it would make a great diaper bag or just a purse, also.

nancy smith

This would be a great! Thanks for the chance to winn one.

Bentley Noelle

Pick me!!! So pretty.... and it comes in yellow! :)

Candace Lauman-Robichaud

Those are so amazingly cool and stylish, I must get my hands on one!!!


Love that purple bag! Great giveaway!

Sandi Moschgat

Great bags! Love to win one. Thanks for the awesome giveaway and blog!

Cindy Blommer

This is so exciting, I love these bags and what a great excuse to carry around my camera more.


I could provide an awesome home for one of those fabulous bags! Thanks for the opportunity!

fay copeland

wow, I love the colors and especially the rose. Great product. fay


I DESPERATELY need a new camera bag!! I would love to win one of these!

Melissa Gordon

I just bought a new camera today. I took it to a football game tonight and had to shove it in my purse to carry it in with my other stuff. Not cool! I would love to have one of these sweet bags!


I have been dreaming of one of these!

Sabine Bell

Oh - sweet! i would love to win one of those pretties :)


Love, Love, LOVE Jo-Totes! Thank you for the amazing opportunity to win one!

Heidy Sutherland

Oh one of these bags would be just great, I don't think I could go past the purple one.

thanks for the chance to win one.

Joan Abraham

My camera bag is a plain brown backpack. This would be so much cuter.

Vicky Pagnaer

Ooooohh!! These bags are super! Crossing my fingers here...

Mandy Blake

love the brightness of that blue/aqua bag!!! wahooooooooooooooooo

thanks for a cool giveaway

Star Wilkinson

Wow, these totes are just beautiful. Oh to be so lucky as to win would be awesome. Black is my top choice. Love the linings too. Would make a great addition to my What I want for Xmas list.

Account Deleted

So amazing!! I definitely need this bag. I always carry a purse and a giant camera bag. This would make life so much easier for me. =)


gorgeous purses! love that concept! thanks for the chance~super amazing! have a great weekend! *hugs* steph :)

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