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Sweet tarts! I love 'em so it'll be hard to share, LOL !!!

Thanks for all the glimmery fun, Heidi. Love the new TA goodies!

Donna VanWert

My husband does the shopping and I think he bought mini Hershey bars. Nothing like pure chocolate!

This is a great giveaway - thanks for a chance. I love your black and purple flowers!


We give out all kids of candy but I usually keep the rockets and Coffee Crisp for myself because I love them so much. Thanks, Heidi, for showing us these wonderful techniques!


It's always the Reeses at our house!


What a great show! We really don't ever get Trick or Treaters, but maybe I will get some Reeses PBcups - cause they are my favorite - on 2nd hand, maybe that's not such a good idea!


We will be giving out Snickers mini bars this year. That way if there are any leftovers my family will be happy to help get rid of them without any problem.


loved tonight's show! i'm packaging up a variety of mini chocolate bars...not many little ones in my area so guess who gets to eat what's leftover??! lol!
laura j

Cindy Theriault

I LOVE LOVE LOVE GM, H of 3, PA, Heidi...my candy is "all day suckers"...they are home made in muffin tins...xx/oo's

Kristine Camillone

We are handing out Snickers and Tootsie Pops. It is great to watch you misting on the PA papers...just ordered some and can't wait to try out the new techniques.

Dawn Hetrick

I think it will be kit kats and reese's peanut butter cups!! Love the kit does it come with both of your screens?? Thanks for the chance to win!!

Lisa Mcgeen

The kit looks really cool. I have not decided yet what I am giving out.


Fabulous show tonight! Loved the colors. We are handing out kit kats, hershey bars, twix, and snickers.

Robyn Wilkinson

Hey Heidi, hope your finger is ok....Wendy and I are so so happy you have embraced purple, we both so love PURPLE ....would love to win this kit....and if i did halloween, i reckon i would do little boxes of smarties....got to love them too.....CANNOT WAIT FOR THE PURPLE SHOW !!!


heidi-tonights show was great-i LOVED the technique of spraying the screen and then flipping it over onto the paper-that was awesome-i'm trying that stat!

we love kit kats and reeses at our house, so we'll be hoping for some leftovers on halloween night (or sneaking a few out ahead of time!).
thanks for the giveaway!
beth lo.

Monica Gunn

I have a black cauldron from a few years ago. It is filled with a huge variety of candy. I also give out pencils with each child (as well as candy). The little kids love the pencils. The bigger kids, I just kind of joke with them. The show last night was amazing! I am so into the crepe paper ruffles and crepe flowers right now. I just absolutely love the reverse ruffle and will be doing it on a bday card today! Hugs!!! And I'm so excited that I'm going to Creative Escape. I can hardly wait!!!!!!!

Rae Barthel

i just learned how to 'coupon shop' and have made some AWESOME candy purchases these past few weeks so i am giving out LOTS of Halloween candy this year ;)... from skittles and starburst to nestle and hershey's!! {the butterfingers will be hoarded, by me, and I may have to fight my husband off too} Oh, and I am planning on using my brand new tiered treat holder that I learned how to make from a certain someone, LOVE how it turned out, thanks for the great tut!! happy haunting!


we don't have trick or treaters at my house but my son is giving away stretch bracelets with skeletons on them to his friends. I did buy some little debbie pumpkin delights---I'm eating one now---YUMMY



I love Rockets (you don't have these there in the US...you have something similar...smarties [smarties are like an M&M here] rockets are better tasting than smarties- don't be jealous...we don't get any of the flavored hershey kisses etc....you have SOooo many more better candies than us! So we just have this one thing LOL so we will probably get a couple bags of those..we live in an apt. so we won't get kids...but I love Rockets.


I had to sign off midway but came back to view it later, love that we can view videos at anytime! You are magic as always and love your colors and your creations!! We are giving out an assortment of candies making sure to accidently forget to hand out the candies we love *wink -Nancy
Hugs from Conroe, Texas!!


Oh, I just love this kit!!!! This year I've decided to give out candy bars... and what I don't hand out, I get to eat! :) Oh, I hope your finger heals quickly!!! Ouch!

ruth tacoma

I would LOVE to win...I have a Wonka assortment plus Butterfinger, Crunch & Baby Ruth assortment. I'm not EVEN going to open the bags until last minute. And then I will be VERY generous to my little Trick or Treaters. :)

Christa Allgood

I'm probably going to get some sweet and sugary Willie Wanka junk!


Great show tonight. We will give out little treat bags for the neighborhood kids and almond joy for the rest of the kids.

Charise McMullin

Love the kit and all the great stuff you make out of it.
We pass out all nut-free candy, nerds, airheads, dum dums, etc. Daughter had a nut allergy which always makes Halloween interesting. :)

Ruth Beckett

Loved the show as usual... I have not bought Halloween candy, but it will be something we love... i have some little treat bags cut from my silhouette i can fill... love the new gm colors... would love to see some of that paper... hugz, Ruth

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