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Lindzie Head

Christmas was a sad time for my family for many years (for details I won't go into). It wasn't until I got married that I realized that the holidays are a wonderful time to be with the people you love. I stay away from being blue by remembering the true meaning. I always try to get an angel from the angel tree or donate to Toys for Tots. It's amazing what giving to others will do for your spirits. :)


love it! music...ALWAYS gets me in the mood! Ella Fitzgerald's Baby it's cold outside!

Stacy Hamby

My favorite Christmas Mood Enhancer is watching good old Christmas movies; It's a Wonderful Life, A Christmas Story, White Christmas.


I love to turn on the holiday music, bake Christmas cookies, and dance around the kitchen with my kids when I'm cooking. Dancing and music ALWAys turns on the holly and jolly for us!

Michele Lubben

To get my Holly Jolly in gear I love to go on a shopping trip, buy food for the food pantry, toys for tots and winter coats for needy children, then drop them all off just like Santa! It's a wonderful way to spend the day and then get a little treat for myself, hot coffee and something sweet and if I can do all those things with a friend, it's even more fun to spread the joy.

Colette Nederhoff

to shake up the holiday blues-- I get busy making things for people-- and I always have my kids do something for the homeless and less fortunate. It forces you to count your blessings-- so IN a way --like the charm--- Playing Santa makes me happy!

Barbara Pagluighi

I make my holiday cards, bake cookies, wrap presents and let the tree lights light the room, I guess I just try to keep busy to keep the blues away. The charm is adorable, love the holly jolly.

Shari Stephens

I agree, Christmas is a very stressful time. This year I'm escaping for a bit each day to my craft room making Holiday Cards and decor and I am making a 12 Days of Christmas tag for the first time ever! Sure I won't get them all done, but it's relaxing to craft and puts me in the Christmas frame of mind. I would love one of these little charms of my very own. Magical!

Ashley Cook

I think Christmas music always chases the blues away. One fave--Amy Grant's Christmas Cd. Beautiful charm.


Christmas is my favorite time of the year, no time to get depressed, just keep thinking it is getting closer to the time I can be with my whole family. Your charm is really special and I would love to win one.

Tina Shepherd

Love it! I usually bake something that is a seasonal thing I only make around the holidays. And then I go to sonic ;)

Carrie P

I think my blues come after all the hustle and bustle is over. But definitely just going with the flow helps then!

Patricia Huber

sheesh. I get lonely this time of year now that my children are grown and I live alone. In rural NH. No neighbors nearby. Guess I need a holly jolly! lol

Kelly Aubert

Oh my gosh! It would be so cool to win this because my 40th birthday is Thursday!! I thought I was 38 and my Dad had to tell me that I was in fact 39! It ruined my whole day! This would totally put some jolly back into my holidays! If I need some Christmas spirit I like to watch a goofy Christmas movie like Christmas Vacation or Elf! :)


Great charm, Heidi! Love it!
.......bake cookies!!! LOL....
that keeps the jolly in the holly....teri :)


ok Heidi, I'm holding my favorite Christmas bell and making my wish that I will win your charm....it's "charming" for sure!

Kathy Britton

When I get the "blues" I always do something that makes me happy. Usually its the simple stuff ,doing something for someone else, playing with my kids, calling someone, or something as easy as walking my dog. Cute picture of St. Nick! He always makes me smile.

Sharon Y (sharona62)

Oh Heidi, love the charm! Great job. He would be a great addition to my Santa collection. To stay Holly Jolly I listen to Christmas music (love me some Santa Baby and jazzy tunes) and bakes cookies. Decorating helps too. Merry Christmas.

Elise Smith-Dewey

Heidi, I love the little Santa charm--so cute! Way to get that chevron in there like Mossini---wink, wink! Christmas kinda stresses me out, too since I'm the one who ends up decorating and three short fast weeks later ends up taking it all down. My girls are older now--17 and 20 and college girl is studying in Sweden this semester--so no real decorating this year--no tree--just some lighted garland over the doorway with my favorite glass balls on it--perfect since I see if from every room almost. I love to bake and so a whole or as much of a day as I can grab to bake Christmas cookies is my de-stress technique. Even if noone really eats my cookies that is okay it is all about the baking and not about the eating--of course I eat a few and try to give some away. Every year I want to do a cookie swap but that only happened 1 year because those available dates between Thanksgiving and Christmas seem so few--maybe I should do it before Thanksgiving next time. Love your blog and your new designs with Jessica--bought it all, of course---already have the largest supply of scrapbook supplies now I'm trying for the largest supply of digital products--tee hee. Have a great Christmas Heidi and I can't wait for 2012 for your new endeavor! Love ya, Elise in MN

nancy smith

Love the charm! I love all the things you create. I keep the blues away by remembering all the things I am blessed with. My daughter is having a little baby girl on December 14th (if not sooner) so my family will have an extra precious gift from God!

Anda Williams

Love Christmas movies and going out to look at Christmas lights and decorations to bust the holiday blues!!! Super cute charm :-)

Rhonda Hampton

Turn on the Christmas songs LOUD or watch a Christmas movie. A little dancing never hurts either!! :)

Lola Fields

Love that your Elf's name is Elvis. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Creative Hugs,

Brenda Lubrant

I love your design of "Jolly St. Nick". He is so so cute. My answer to your question is when you are feeling the holiday stresses, eat some Christmas cookies or fudge. It works everytime with me.


Slow and steady and lots of treats shake the holiday blues for me. I love, love, love BeCharmed...thanks for the chance to win. hugs, Margie Rowles

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