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Eeeeeeek! I can't wait! I seem to be one step behind everybody else on the Heidi Swapp line. Sold out, sold out, sold out! Is there one place that carries everything? That would be my dream online shopping experience! Can't wait to show my support of the new line. Target Rocks!

candace swails

OH HOW EXCITING. DOING THE HAPPY DANCE NOW. i live at target, and here in Houston, there are not any scrap stores close to me. There was one but they closed their doors this summer. This makes my day. I am not a person who scraps all the time, just got into it recently. But because of you, ali e., tara w., donna d. and cathy z. i have been so inspired. and saw that scrapbooking is a "cool thing." its so much more than putting a sticker next to a picture - its complete art. Heidi know that you have a girl here in Houston, Texas that continues to pray for you and your family.


How exciting!!! Are there Super Targets in Arizona and if so I need to know :) Can't wait to see it!


So dang excited - how cute is all this stuff!! Ahhhh! Now I'm dying cause St. George doesn't have a Super Target! Freak!! Better run to Las Vegas next week! So happy for you Heidi! Congrats girl!


Oh cool! Since your album track, I have become addicted to chipboard! It is the coolest thing ever! I have a Super Target exactly 1 mile away... I'll have to check is out this weekend! Woo Hoo! Congrats Heidi!


LOVE those layouts!!


I hear it's already hit some Targets . . . so some are setting out already. Was planning on going today and seeing if it had hit the one that's within a mile of my house. I'm there at least 3-4 times a week (it's my grocery store). I can't wait to see it!


off to super target i go...they better not be sold out!!


Thanks so much for posting this info. I was in SuperTarget just this morning and abandoned my husband at the checkout to see if they had your stuff in yet. Unfortunately they didn't but luckily SuperT is only 15 minutes away--there will be a return trip this weekend! Thanks too for posting the lo's--great ideas.

michelle baker

ACK!! We don't have Target in Alaska!! Dang it. Congrats on the launch...I'll be shopping vicariously through all you lucky girls who can. :) mB


CONGRATS!! This is sooo cool and I am going to have to search for a Super Target nearby!!


I am dissappointed because I don't have a Super Tar-jay anywhere near me!! GRRR... I was excited to see the Orange stuff, acutally (even though I'm a PINK fanatic!). Hopefully Tar-jay will see how well your line will sell and decide to carry this great stuff at all stores! (We can only hope AND pray, right?) lol..



who-hoo! I just discovered you have a BLOG! NOW to read the exciting news that you are hitting Target! I'm super excited!!! GO Heidi GO!


Ya, I finally found your blog and love reading it already! :)
I love Target!!! Yay, I will be heading there to pick up some of your goodies there too! Love those LO's too...you are so inspiring! :) :) :)


Very exciting Heidi! Your layouts are wonderful and the new products look great. Look forwarding to getting them!!

Linda A (elendae)

How exciting! I can't wait to see the new stuff in our Target!!! :)

joy  madison

how exciting....can't wait to see it.


Kewlio for you, HS!! Can you talk them into Target.com?? I don't have a car!! :( Congratulations, Heidi!! The world awaits!


How exciting - I better find someone to but some and send it to me - there's no Super Target here!


YEAH!!! love it!!! can't wait to get my hands on some....

by the way, is any of your stuff available online??? Through whom???????


Helle Greer (pink latte)

WAY COOL Girlie....
Is that Newport beach pictures??
Cute kids.



I will be there bright and early on Saturday. Hopefully mine will have them. I can't wait. There is no place up here that has your stuff, this is just way cool!


It's in my Indianapolis, IN Super T already. Love, love, love it! Must have it all--esp. the ORANGE chipboard letters.


yeah, YEah!! Can't wait to find it in Texas SuperT's store....Congrats Heidi!!! A :)


Saw your stuff in my Target last night!! Very exciting. It's not a Super Target either. Anyway, congrats! I hope it sells really well and they're able to carry more awesome stuff!

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