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Heidi - your stuff IS awesome, but what about the LSS??? These small shops can't afford for you and others (Like K & CO.) to sell out to these mega stores! Too many shops are closing due to heavy competition! SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL SCRAPBOOK STORE!

Rachel Greig

why why why am I in Australia when there is so much cool stuff over in the US?! (I mean, there's cool stuff here too, but you know...) a nice trip to the US would be cool!


AWESOME!!! gonna check out the super targets while i'm outta town this week! =)

sarah green

Heidi you have done it again!!! Awesome!! Trouble is we don't have a Target here in New Zealand......... aaarrgh!!!!!!

Janice S.

Wow not 1 Super Target through the norhteast that I can find! Very upsetting! lol I can only get your stuf online. I think I bought one of everything I could find but I would love to be able to brows and touch!
Great news for you though!


I used your product at CKU in Nashville and could not wait to get some at my lss. Nobody is ordering it because you sell to Target and I can't even get it online.I have had items on backorder since June..... too bad!
wish it was more available.....super Target is very far away from me


I happy for HS on a personal level but as a LSS owner this is very upsetting to me. This may come as a huge shock but the independent stores can not compete with the Targets of the world. Do you ever wonder why you don't have stores in your area? Do you stop to think (in your frenzy) why stores do not order or cancel their existing order of HS product? Why do I want to support a manufacturer that obviously dooesn't support me.

Go ahead and buy your HS product at Target, Joanns, and probably QVC shortly, just don't complain about not being able to shop at any great scrapbook stores because they've all closed. Support your LSS and we'll continue to bring you the best product, classes, and service. Shop and Target and other stores like it and say goodbye to what made this industry what it is today.

Keri Wohrle

I can appreciate the comments from the LSS owners but again this particular line is designed exclusively for Target. That does not mean that everything is being sold in the chain stores now and that LSS should cancel their orders.

Again, Heidi said that her sole purpose in bringing a line to Target was to grab those people that are not near a LSS or know nothing about scrapbooking and give them the "bug" too. :) I spread my scrapbook supply monies around to several different LSSs here in AZ but if the chain store happens to carry something like this new line that is exclusive to them then I'm going to buy it there if it's something I'm interested in.

I am saddened by the closing of a few LSSs here in recent months too. Luckily, I still have quite a few to choose from. But not every store can carry every product and that's why I spend my money at all of them. :)

Anyway, food for thought. I don't think that Heidi is trying to hurt the LSS (or "the little guy" as some put it on 2Peas). And, her products are distributed by a manufacturer so I don't know how much control she has over it.

Good luck in your new ventures, Heidi. I'm stalking all the Targets on the west side here in Phoenix including the Target Greatland (aka Super Target) but to no avail. I LOVE the orange and all the boy pages. I can't wait to get my hands on it all. :)



I bought some yesterday at my Target and I love it!!!!!!! I bought the 12x12 paper pack and CANNOT WAIT to get to work on it. I think I will incorporate into my "take a pic a month" album as expressed in the August SS "about me" section. SO COOL! Thanks, Heidi -- even if you didn't answer my handwriting email and donation request, I still love ya. You were great at CKU Mpls and I love pink, so you're hard to avoid. :)


Love this line-I bought it all. But it looks like I am the only one to notice when I got home the misspelling on the word "Thursday" on the TIme tape. How do we go about getting an exchange for a corrected one?


Love the line at Target! I am so loving the orange and the plastic letters! I've purchased your product at both LSS's and now Target..totally different and love it all! Advantus has great customer service too! Thanks!


Found the whole line at a Target in Gilroy, CA while we were on vacation. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Back home today, and can't wait to start using it!!

Aka Sasha

I really like your line but didn't buy it because the tape I saw at Super Target had Thursday spelled Thrusday. I'm sure you are aware of this FUBAR, but just in case you might want to have the manufacturers double check the product.

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