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Off to SuperTarget & a little Heidi Swapp and a venti chai latte. I'd call that a date w/ myself! CAN'T WAIT!


Tomorrow is payday....and I am hitting Target for sure!!


For all you Texas gals, the Super Target in Plano does not have the new "stuff" yet. I tried to force information from the guy that was stocking the scrapbook isle. He just looked at me and wanted to know what a Heidi Swapp was. My mom and I just died laughing. But we will be back Saturday morning.

Kathleen Summers

There are no super Targets within 200 miles of me (just did a search, WAAAA!) but I'm super excited for you Heidi. Here's to all the new scrappers out there who will discover you!!

Becky T.

Hmmm..I don't think the Targets closest to me are Super Targets. Gonna have to check, though! Cool stuff! Love the layouts!


Congrats, Heidi! Way to go. Some of my fav people today have big announcements (Tara too).
U still coming to South Africa? Have an absolute ball! And bring some books with you, please!


Texas girls...Target in Plano on Spring Creek Pkwy/75 does have it, I GOT SOME YESTERDAY AT LUNCH!

I LOVE the HOT ORANGE color chip board, AWESOME and the plastic letters are a MUST HAVE!

Terri Bradford

Big Congrat's Heidi! I am so excited to see your new line at Target... I am headed there today to see if I can pick it up! Love how the chipboard is self-adhesive and some boy colors. You rock! Love your stuff- keep it comin'! :)

Sue Oren

WOW! Super Target just got cooler!! Love your products, they ROCK!


Can't wait to get me some... :)


WHAA! There's no super Targets by me, just one that has a small food section of, like, ten isles (maybe). Will it be on Target's website too?!? They look great!!


I want to TOUCH this line!!! (in my loudest whiney voice!!!!!).

I think we were the last place in America to get a Target.....never mind a SUPER TARGET. We don't even have SUPER WALMARTS!!!!

Oh how I want some of this stuff!!!

On another note: Thank you so much for the inpiration that you bring to this industry. I have been an admirer of your work for the past 7 years. You always, always inspirte me


well now i have to hunt down a super target! i know there isn't one within about 50 miles from at least. sounds great, heidi!!!


Only SuperTarget? Ack! Our Target is just the regular old one, BUT....the original Target, near my hometown, has been knocked down for a Super, so there's hope!

It'll be fun to see the reaction this line gets from the "non-hardcore" people! Good luck with it.


OMG, you go Girl! You rock Heidi. But alas, there are no Super Targets here. SIGH!

Kim Hughes

Ohhh', I am too excited! I have one close by and I will be first in line. I LOVE your products. Your layouts rock...as always! Thanks for the info.

Ronni Jean

awww man... we have targets but no super targets within hours of here...:( Oh well. figures.....


Bummer, no Super Target around me and I love your stuff. Good luck!! Hope it's all great sellers for you.

Beth Z

hee hee! i saw your stuff in the big room at Target headquarters where they "set" everything up. I was on a tour, and when I looked down into this box of Heidi Swapp goodies, I about wet my pants. It was during CKU Minneapolis that I saw it. Can't wait to get my butt to a Super Target and BUY the stuff. Heidi, you rock!


That is so awesome!! Where *is* a Super Target around here? I gotta find one darnit. Not sure if the one over here is a Super or not. Hmmmmmmmmm.

Ki K

Oh how I wish we had Targets in Canada!! Sounds so awesome Heidi! If it has your name on it - I have to have it! Might just have to recruit some American friends to pick some up for me!! Congratulations!


I am so excited. I just wanted to share with everyone that I don't have a supper Target and we do have scrapbook stuff which I just love when you just need to pick up a quick embellishment or adhesive.




I just want to say I LOVE your stuff! I went to Target tonight to get a baby gift and browsed the scrapbook isle. WOW, I bought one of each of everything there. I can't wait to scrap something with it. Thanks for being so creative.


Jen Blackwell

Stalking...stalking...stalking! I cannot wait for these - our Super Target is in the completion stages as I type! Just another reason to be camping on their doorstep! Thanks Heidi!


I just bought every single piece at my local Target, it's not a Super Target but bigger than most in the area. Awesome awesome stuff!!! Those in the Portland Oregon area I found it at the Sherwood store on Tualatin-Sherwood road!
Keep the great stuff coming Heidi!

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