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Awesome Idea Heidi! We must be close in age, because I use to just drool over him too! I had a poster in my room and I put some lipstick on and kissed it! LOL...going to take you up on that idea and let the download begin! :))) Loves,


I will have to check that out. Enjoy your dinner tonight but I am sure you can't wait until tomorrow


I just wanted to say how happy i am that you're blogging regularly! I check every single day, even through your dry spells, lol, like july and august!
I never had any andy gibb, but just today a friend and i were talking about Shaun Cassidy and how we loved that album and how cute he was. I think I'll see if he's in itunes! thanks for the inspiration, even when it ISN'T scrap related!


Oooh, my first crush! Great stuff, makes me smile, too :D


OMG - I think I wore that album out when I was in 4th grade!!!!! And, I made sloppy joes tonight, too - LOL!


Shawn Cassidy was my first crush. My twin sister and I had matching satin light blue baseball jackets with his picture on the back!! I can hear it now..

Da Do Ron Ron Ron, Da Do Ron Ron!!

Thanks for the flashback, Miss Heidi!!

Heather D. White

Oh crud....now I need some Pad Thai. That sounds delish.


Hey Heidi,
just read thru a few days of your posts and I can just picture you drinking a big diet coke in your jumbo styrofoam cup,dancing around your scrapping table to shadow dancing.... am I right? Tena


shadow dancing....oh ya...i remember now...the days of records...boy...we must be old! our kids don't even know what a record IS...let alone what we used them for! and you can never go wrong with a little thai food...


Oh yes, love Andy Gibb. Are we dated ourselves? I'm beginning to feel old. LOL Did you play this during the SHE track? For some reason I remember my table singing it.

Sue Oren

Oh my goodness! I just met up with an old friend from high school and we were talking about how we used to dance to Shadow Dancing in out bedrooms!
That is too funny!!

Helle Greer (pink latte)

OHHH Heidi, that is sooo funny, I used to LOVE Andy Gibb when I was in my TEENs, soo SEXY!!!!
Brings back too many memories!!!!!!!!
Have a SUPER day.



OK, never saw this blog before but believe Heidi and I must be twins separated at birth somewhere -- only I'm the heavier twin! From the styrofoam cups to the pink cowboy hat I picked up a month ago (to mad shrieks and insults from the kids) to Andy GIBB now???????? I missed an 8th grade playoff softball game to go see him at Great Adventure -- in my PINK satin shorts -- Holy cow, am I finally not the only 41 year old, still not grown up, still not ready to give up on ARE YOU THERE GOD, IT'S ME MARGARET, kinda gal???? I would only hope so -- just know there are not too many of me out here in the central jersey conglomeration I call home -- Do we ever really lose that pre-adolescent, pre-real grown up girl ?? Or do we just put her on the back burner while we try and keep up with being mom's, professionals and wives that try to drive their hubbies crazy with packages arriving at all 3 doors of the house from 3 different delivery trucks -- I think the scrapping thing has done wonders for the big brown truck!!!

keep thinkin' pink girls...

Jen Blackwell

Andy Gibb and Leif Garrett - at least I can honestly admit to that here! LOL


I am right with you on the Thai food. For me it's all about the Pad Thai and Red Curry! yum!

joy  madison

we are big Thai food people here too!


I just blogged about Andy Gibb the other day....how funny!


Here's a MAJOR flashback, ladies - How many of you recall Andy Gibbs and Marilyn McCoo hosting "Solid Gold"?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?

I was all of 6 years old and ADDICTED to "Solid Gold" and the "Solid Gold Dancers." LOL!

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