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My husband would die - he thinks I'm the only one who loves drinking out of styrofoam!


I get my drinks at Chick-Fil-A for the same reason.

I have a friend who gets her drinks at Sonic not just for the cups, but the ice too. So you're good with the cup without the little round Sonic ice, or are you going to have to go and start buying bags of it too? ::vbg::

Now I'm going to have to have my brother or SIL take me to Costco to get those cups!


My friend tells me that Sonic actually sells their ice in big bags for a buck!! You could be hooked up!


This is so hilarious. I am sitting here reading this out loud to my husband, who thinks I'm entirely nuts because I have to go Chick-Fil-A or Sam's Club to get my Diet Coke in a styrofoam cup. And, when I'm at home, I re-use the cups and fill it with Diet Coke w/Lemon (which is becoming more hard to find these days, thanks to Diet Coke w/Vanilla, Cherry, Lime, etc.). And for my husband to hear that others share this same quirk just blows his mind.

Heidi, I'm so glad you shared this with us. I truly enjoy reading your blog!!


i am all for sonic's ice. now i am on my way to get the cup, with extra ice, and coke. and then see if i can buy a bag of ice.


I LOVE SONIC TOO. I love the idea of the cups! I would just need to get Sonic ice though. How funny


too funny Heidi..... :)


That is too funny. I miss Sonic...ours closed last year. LOVED their ice. It was the best! I did find a little local Mom & Pop burger place, though, that uses the same kind of ice, so it's good again. :)


If it makes you happy, then Sister, you gotta do it! Nobody else can do it for you! The power of "SHE" who takes care of herself! If Mama is happy then everybody is happy! It is out of your control, you have to do it for those around you. Find those lids, straws and that ice. NOW!


michelle baker

had to laugh when i saw this! my husband brought home 4 CASES of styrofoam cups last year. each case has 20 sleeves of 100 cups each. why, you ask? well, they were being thrown away at his work and he just can't stand to see anything wasted. anyway, i've been giving away sleeves of 100 of those silly things all year long! going to a party? give 'em some cups. teacher's lounge at the school? give 'em some cups! heading to the cabin? hey, grab some cups! when will it end???? rofl!! i wish i'd had known you had a "thing" for styrofoam. :)


Too funny! LOVE that altered neon clock.
and lovin the Sonic ice to. but I have a major styrofoam aversion. CanNOT stand styrofoam. not the smell and definately not to touch it. (I know. :b )


Too Funny Heidi! I love Sonic's drinks and ice and the cups too! Don't forget to add that you need to crushed ice too! :) :) :) Love your photos you posted too! :)

joy  madison

I've always wanted fountain drinks for my rec room or something.

Mary L.

Heidi - we've been using those cups/lids/straws from Sam's Club for years. You get like 3000 straws and they last forever! I never drink a drink without a straw at home...


WOW! I'm not the only nutty girl who not only LOVES fountain drinks but prefers styrofoam cups & straws too! Glad to know I'm not alone! Hmmm...may have to visit Sam's again this week! Too funny:o)


LOL! Another COSTCO styrofoam addict!

Jen Blackwell

Sonic rocks ... the styrofoam is awesome because it doesn't sweat ...which is the only thing in Arizona in August that isn't sweaty!


Sorry to be a downer here, Heidi, I always enjoy your blog. I have to say something because styrofoam is so bad for the environment. It is not widely recyclable and the chemical used to produce it destroys the ozone layer.

All of our kids and grandkids need us to take better care of the environment. Please use and reuse those styrofoam cups until you can use them no more, Heidi. Make that box of cups the last one you ever purchase.

It would be great if, in your position as a mom and head of a company, you helped spread positive environmental practices. Any thoughts about developing a set of corporate priorities and ethics? There's so much good you could do...and no one else is the sb realm is doing it yet. Be the Paul Newmann of scrapbooking products...

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