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I bet you did Rock. Rock always wins.
Sounds like a bad morning gone GREAT!


You need a little R&R every so often. Even if it means lazing around the house for a bit.

I can't wait to see your decorating project when it is complete!!


Heidi, I came to your site via Heidi Ginn's site....and I too am being DRAINED by a redecorating project! I live in Gilbert...tell you what...you come decorate my "creative space and photo showing room" and I will work on yours!
Fair swapp???


I'd say about 15 years ago I woke up, went downstairs and saw the painter's putting pink paint on our living room wall (my parents house is an old victorian). I called my mom at work and said "Mother, the walls are pink", she said, oh no honey they are just slightly tinted pink just wait til' it dries.... of course we all know paint dries darker. Let your hubby know my Dad survived a pink room until this past year when they repainted. Who knew my mother was ahead of the times.
I tend to push myself until I completely burn out then I end up having a jammie day and watching lifetime TV for women. By the end of the movie I don't know if I'm crying from the moving or exhaustion. I told everyone I was going out of town this weekend, reality, I'm locking myself in my creative space and having some down time.
I hope you find some time to defuse soon.


Love the pink! That's a great color that you chose. We recently painted our kitchen pink (my husband, too, finally gave in) and it is fabulous. Only lovers of pink can appreciate it though!


What a good man you have there! Well done, Eric! I love a man who drives the kids to school and leaves his wife in bed! That kinda sounds like how it should be. Hehehe!


LOVE the pink. =) I am a morning person (6a here... so I guess you could tell that!) CKU-A sounds cool, and I hope you come to San Jose (cku-a) next year! =)

(giggle) about the kids and the bus. glad to hear you won!!!

Wanda E. Santiago

Done the pink now I have to change it!! Love it in your house. Hugs Wanda

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