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Hey there...this is my second time to your blog and I just had to tell you how cool I think it is that you post under "Truth" that Christ is your personal Savior. Wow. I read a lot of blogs- mostly scrappers and I know a lot of them comment on my faith when they read my story- but not many post it right in their blogs. SO, thank you for doing that- I think it's a little thing that is really a big deal to God. That people are not ashamed about their faith would probably have more effect on the people around them seeking that faith. That's it. Love your style and flair for life. Come visit my blog or read about my family tragedy and how God has been with us every step of the way. I couldn't do it without Him! Ciao.

michelle hill

2 peas...you crack me up...hope you have a great week and a happy thanksgiving :)


I have admired you from afar. But I had to laugh about sneaking into bed so your husband doesn't know what time you actually are coming to bed! I do this on an almost nightly basis. Thanks for sharing yourself with the rest of us dreamers.

P.S. Just starting Chapter 3 of your Love your Handwriting book. I love your beautiful journaling and want to some day love mine. (I have hated it for 30 years, so I am hoping that this changes soon)
P.S.S. How did you start this blog?


Hi Heidi,
I had fun reading your list of twos! I am also staying up late tonight and I was cracking up at your comment because basically that's exactly how I sneak into bed every night too! And tonight is no exception -as you can tell it's over 1:00 a.m. and I'm still up. Still much to do...so I better get back to it! (these Christmas projects can be time consuming).


I get the sisterhood thing, I think that is why I get this blogging thing so much .. i have to set up my own one, its fun! You are good fun ... what is the secret to sneaking into bed tho, i don't get away with it as much as you all .... i find it too hard to get up for a run in the morning if I don't get enough sleep ...... sad stuff! I have just recieved my copy of your book, it was supposed to be a christmas present but i couldn't wait - i love it!


i KNEW you were a Christian!!! God's angels are everywhere.

heidi z

I will hafta email Teri and tell her you did your tag thingy... :)

It was fun reading...


loved you list... the 2 peas thing slayed me. Tena

Teri Fode

YES to the 2peas thing...LOL...and...I went to bed at 10:30 2 nights in a row...now I've earned 2 nights into the wee hours...LOL.

Loved your list.



2peas...LOL... you hit the nail right on the head!


Woohoo for the Killers.....they're awesome, aren't they?!!! Loved reading your answers and I also applaud you for being so honest about your faith.


One comment......
I'll volunteer to be your clone.

Shelley Rankin

I was also going to offer to be your clone! :) But then I would probably not be near as interesting! :)

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