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This page is so fun, Heidi!! Can't wait to get my hands on some of those little notepads...sooooo cute! NY rocks...can't wait to go there again!!


So cute is th elayout!! NYC looks as divine as i imagine it is..:)
LOVINg these layouts girl! :)
( Loving your jewels too, I want to cover EVERYTHING with them!!) I see there are little flowers now too??


Heidi this is such a gorgeous page!


NYC seems so far away from Australia, i'll get there one day ... I have been so bad with my time, seeing all your work is making me want to get busy - very cool stuff Heidi!

sarah green

Loved the layout, have to say when I went to NYC it terrified me, after all coming from a small town in NZ of 14,000 and going to a massive city like that where I swear everybody who lived there was walking down the street at the same time....!!!


My daughter came home from college this week to visit. She walked into my store and saw the HS lip gloss (which is great BTW) and all the bling and said "Heidi Swapp is a genius". I just wanted to share that with you because I have to agree. I am looking forward to CHA Winter. I have to agree the adhesive on the jewels does suck but we forgive you! The jewels are great! I love the layout!


Another great layout, Heidi! I'm hoping to get my hands on some of your lip gloss soon, I've heard it's fantastic and I'm loving all the bling bling too. :-)

Linda A (elendae)

Love your new layout, Heidi! "Sucky" adhesive or not, I've got to get myself some of those jewels!!

Lindsay Teague

as always...amazing!!! :)


Amber Dawson

Heidi... it is so great to see how you use your products, it is sooo inspiring! In fact, tonight I went and created a layout using more of your iron-ons. They're fantastic! Now, I have one suggestion... it would be SO awesome if you came out with sets of iron-ons featuring numbers and punctuation marks. Maybe I'm the only one, but I think they would be cool. Thanks again for all of the inspiration!


I have to admit, I was talking on the phone to my girlfriend, and we were both looking at your new LO today! "A TOILET? What in the world would you want a picture of a toilet for?", I exclaimed. My girlfriend had to explain that it was creative art... OK, creative art or not, it's still a toilet. There's not much you can do to make it a work of art :) !! My friend said that only I would pick out something like that. He! He!

Anyways, love the LO! Especially how the greens in the pics all flowed together!

By the way, did you know that we've "met"? I was so excited when you were introducing your line at CHA this past January, but there was no way I could go, as I had a 3-month old at the time. So, I sent my best friend along with an 8 x 10 picture of me. You were such a sport to pose with Yvonne & "me"! It was so cool!

Anyways, great LO! Would love to go to NYC someday, but the girls are just too young right now. Maybe when they get older, I'll drag them up there for some serious shopping!!


Love it that is soooooooooo funny. Looks like some of the patients homes front lawns that i go see.........hee hee.


Oh yeah.........I put my jewels on my "JOY" jeans i made.......and they lasted almost all day! And people loved them.........go look on my blog to see them. Thanks for the wealth of inspiration.

Karol Jean Miller

Heidi, the pink forest is so charming. Grandma would love it. She always loved pink and for the lots of her last Christmas trees, pink was a unifying factor. I have one ? Where are the flamingoes? They'd look dynamite sparkled up. Just last night in my mind I canceled my formulating plans to have a Gingerbread House decorating party with the girls in our family one night next week. Then a special touch for my Christmas cards went haywire (it worked for the better today and they are ready to mail). It snapped me to reality and I decided to start early next Christmas to do Gingerbread Houses. This way I can do more knitting and perhaps get some cookies baked. This holiday I've had to be very selective about what I do because of a crazy horrible cold that set me back 2 weeks in November. But things look Christmasy and I am happy. Will send photos to you. Keep up the creativity! Love, KJ


OMG that does look adorable, definatly breaking away from the norm. And the layout is amasing, I recendly got some tape from a friend and have been using it on everything, your tape is the best thing ever LMAO...


Hi love your book and all your products. Someone posted on a message board a picture of your journaling spots.....got to have those, where can they be purchased.The stores I usually buy your products don't seem to have them.


wow!!! this book is so idealistic one.... can a copy of this mind..... i love it....

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