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Hope you feel better by the time you read this Heidi and that you got some sleep!


laura t.

am off to send miss em some birthday wishes - what a tremendous friend she is...and you too for your beautiful tribute-what lucky girls you are! so what do you get a girlfriend that has everything??

Elizabeth Munro

Be proud Heidi, you inspire a lot of wonderful things by your amazing products :)))))


Heidi - first of all, woman, you rock! I know we don't know each other well, but I can tell you that from the moment I saw your first layouts at Memory Lane and subsequent HOF stuff I knew deep in my heart that you were going to do BIG things! And here you are - with your own brand - your own product under YOUR name. It must feel surreal some days, but all I can say is I know dozens of women who wait with bated breath for what you are coming out with next! Your products are recognizable on a layout and make ANYone's work look even better. I admit, when I was working on my HOF entry (which I did not finish btw), I had to keep holding myself back from using too much HS product! I wanted it on every layout! Everything I did seemed like it needed a little "Heidi" on it! It's easy to use, FUN to use and downright cool. So, thank you! Thank you for sharing YOUR talent and vision with US! Smooches girl!


Reading your blog this morning brought back such memories. I just gave birth to our third girl, and reading you say how you used to stay up so late, and now you are in bed by 10pm, brought me down memory lane to the early months of my pregnancy. Like you I was a night owl and did all my scrapbooking once the kids were in bed. But once I became pregnant with the third child, I was falling asleep getting them to bed it was so aweful. I hope soon I can reclaim my night owl status, but so far no such luck.


Jenni's stuff rocks. I tihnk you love and believe in your brand so when you see some one use it in such a beautiful way it validates the whole reaon you started to make yor own prducts. Koodos to you and Jen. Hope you are feeling better.


=) Sometimes you just gotta cry. Jenni is crazy creative (like you) and I totally understand how you could get teary looking at your product used so well!

Take care and have a very happy weekend!!! =)

Peg Graham

Heidi- YOU ROCK!!! You are an inspiration to so many people...you gotta know that.

btw...try hard pretzels dipped in mustard. YUM!!!


Anita Hiltz

I totally agree what you said about Jenni Bowlin! Hope your able to catch up on your lost sleep! Plus...I send your friend an email b-day wish!...Anita


Way to follow your dreams, Heidi, and inspire bazillions of people along the way. You make the world a little brighter with your engery and optimism!


Oh Heidi...number one I feel for ya on the upset tummy. All 3 of my kids just got over a stomach bug and I've been fighting it every step of the way when we all know it's just easier if you just let it take it's course

and number two every one of your posts on your blogs inspires me to reach for greater heights in my scrapbooking career. I don't own my own line like you but I've broken into teaching to others and now I'm opening my own store so who knows where that will take me. Every day you remind us how important it is to be humble and thankful.

Way to go!



I stayed up all night to subscribe to Jenni's kit club...I always love her work, so I'm hyped up about her club! Just wanted to say that I also think it's cool that you're so excited about people using your stuff. Believe me, there are a lot of us are just as excited to BE using them! :) I have one whole IKEA box (and I only have 9 boxes of goodies) just for HS stuff!

Linda Matthews

Congratulations, Heidi!!!

I know that you don't know me, but I am thrilled that you are expecting again. You are an amazing woman with a fantastic career and business.

Can't wait to see you what your lo's look like..........


Helle Greer

Hey Girl.
You got to get some sleep.
So funny you talked about MM, I remember Cku in Provo, where you , Em, and Robin, were together, and I was in you class and wanted to win one of those TIN's so bad, and You made that happen.... and I totally Flipped out So funny.
You know how much I think you and your stuff ROCKS... So keep it comming.

Take care of your self and that little one.



AHHHHHHHHHH sweetie.:)
I remember those days ( nights!!!) well.

Loved reading about Jenni. and EM!!
I totally get the love you have for Em.
I have my own version of Em. and i couldnt be without her.

celebrate your girlfriends!!
be well.


OHHH Heidi,
i have just cried with you. You have such a way with words and you are a truely amazing person. I am totally IN LOVE with all of you products and i cant get enough of them. Keeping them on the shelf at work is another thing as well..

I hope you are feeling much beter today. Get some rest and take care you!!!!!
I am off to email Emily


you are such a lovely person. The world is a better place for you being in it that is for sure. Not only are you extremly clever, but you have a beautiful heart. i hope you are feeling alot better - and i agree a good cry is what we need sometimes. Take care


it is so refreshing to see someone so successful and so admired really stop and be overwhelmed - its a sign of genuine humility - and often times in this world people aren't as humble as they ought to be. You're a good one, Heidi Swapp!

Happy Birthday Em!

Melissa H

love your gratitude towards people, heidi. you are such an amazing person, and your product is THE BEST & it sells so well!! i was putting a layout up in the store yesterday and i was writing up a little card to put next to it on what i used so the customers would know... i couldn't believe how much 'heidi swapp' was written on that card for just one layout!! label holders, photo corners, decorative tape, index tabs, chipboard shapes... the list went on and on. :) feel proud, you should be!!

teri f

Yes, we all need a good cry. You inspire us all...even when you share your real and human side. :)

4:30 am? Naughty girl. I've been staying up WAY too late for too many nights lately and feel sick and so over-exhausted and realizing that I'm just too old to keep pushing it. Ugh. I HATE that we have to sleep. But sleep we must.

Have a great week...


Kelly Angell

You are such a sweetheart! I don't even know you and I want to give you a big hug. I wish that one day I do get to meet you as you and your blog and your products have all really touched me, inspired me, and allowed me to be as creative as I can be. I love all your stuff and am glad that you continue to do what you do! So Thank you for all you do for the scarpbooker in me!!
I also hope that you feel better :)


Soooo happy to hear your tummy settled down & cooperated! Man how I remember being up in the middle of the night when I was preggo also....God's way of getting us ready for those middle of the night feedings I suppose. I will def. wish Emily dear a happy birthday. I see pics of you two together in your layouts and it makes me happy you have someone like her in your life even though I secretly wish I could be her sometimes!! ;-)


Well, i am another person you have totally inspired. I too have to use a little bit of heidi on almost EVERY page.....you total inspire us all and don't you forget it!

Go get some sleep now! :)


-very SWEET-, you never forget to be grateful, it's that inner beauty that shows so HUGE in your smile!

girlfriends-i couldn't live w/o mine-i am truly blessed too! I thought em was great @ cku-a in stamford, "she" adores you & your family too (she beams when she talks about your kids)!


Wanda E. Santiago

Hey beautiful you know how I feel about you!! Reading this makes me cry I have no words to describe how you inspire me to follow my dreams. Trully you are a blessing. I will be wishing Emily a very happy Birthday!! Hugs Wanda

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