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You look so cute, Heidi! Kay, we are like on the exact same time schedule with our pregnancies...I'm 20 weeks and I just ha my ultracound yesterday...only I think my tummy is way bigger than yours! (This is my second...my daughter is only 15 months old, so my tummy is stretching out quite a bit faster this time!!) Check out my blog and you can see my ultra-sound pic...can't wait to meet you in Chaicago next weekend! Congrats on being half-way done!!

Kimberly Cole

Ok, I guess I missed the huge memo that you were expecting! Congratulations! I'm just a scrapper here in CA that's been keeping up with your blog and your scrap news.


I love your page ... its great. Hope you continue enjoying your pregnancy its such an incredible stage of life.

Kim Archer

Page looks GREAT! And halfway already! Yay. Such a cute little belly Heidi:)))


Love your page. How exciting for you and your family. Love the ultrasound, reminds me of God's little miracles.


I love your page, looks beautiful :)WOW 20 weeks already!



Cutie baby belly! Congrats and I hope the rest of your PG is smooth sailing.


OMG your page is so beautiful....
make me want to cry
love it
i am glad to hear everything is going great
yahoo for the half way mark
you look awesome!
love the belly shot


You look great. And don't fret...the more we have the faster we stretch out. I got so big with my fourth I was afraid to sit in the Lazy Boy for fear no one but maybe a crane engineer could get me out. I can't believe you are half way there already...funny how fast other people pregnancies go!


You look great! I love the pregnancy journal. Something to cherish forever.

Kia Harley

Hey Heidi
Congrats - 20 weeks already! Love your pregnancy journal - would love to see more!
Best wishes

Amy Coose

How cute are you? That page is fabulous, as are all your pages!!


you are so cute! I love the preg journal idea, wish I had done that with my two. Can't wait to see you in April, you're gonna look so adorable!

Martha Bravo

I am so happy for you Heidi. You say you have no preference this time but I think you have a secret hope! just look at this page it is so girly...

laura t.

hate those prego panels on maternity pants too...how adorable is your outfit on your page, though! enjoy your 2nd half!

Nick's Mom

You look so adorable - I know exactly what you mean by those pregnancy pants - those panels are so NOT to be desired.

I love your idea of your journal - I'm going to take a guess and say you are having a girl.


Oh Heidi I love your journal - Show us more! I too am expecting...18 weeks now...not too far behind ya! I actually used the "All about me" book you designed for QVC and altered it to be my journal. I'm super pumped about meeting you and taking classes from you in April @ the Scrap etc. event...maybe I'll get to show you my journal.


one of my favorite tips for stretching your wardrobe during those inbetween months...buy some of those long tanks and layer them under tee's...you can pull them over your panel and still look stylin!

Alison P

Love the page! Congrats on the 20 week mark. :)


Look at your cute little self!!! Congrats on the half way mark!!

deb munn

Your journal entry is beautiful and you look amazing!! Thank you for sharing your journey. ~deb~

Nichole Black

LOL at "Wow . . . that feels better!"

Love your pg journal. Did you keep one with your previous three? What a treasure for your kids. I used the ugly store-bought "What To Expect . . ." pg journal. Yours is MUCH sweeter! Congrats!

nancy in ks

LOvE the page, love the outfit, love the idea...

can i ask a question?

who takes the great photos of you, heidi?, do you set up a tripod, or does em or eric? or quincy...

one thing i notice in so many blogs is that scrapbookers get their own picture in the pages. i'm always behind the camera, therefore...sigh...invisible.

if you read these comments, could you answer this?


the page is beautiful...thanks for sharing!


I love your journal page ... I'm stealing the idea to put rub-ons on my daughter's ultrasound pic! :)

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