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sarah green

Oh drive us crazy why don't you!@@#*** - especially a girl from NZ - please please please say it is going to be in September... I'm coming to the states then and as they say... when in the neighbourhood!!!!


i live in anthem...i will be there! we had a christmas party at that resort and it is awesome!! can't wait...


OHHH Heidi,
I am From Australia, how on earth can I get my DH it agree to this one. I so wish i could be there. Good luck with it all... I will be there in spirit.



AAAAaaahhhh! I sooo want to come to this, Heidi...I'm sure it will be amazing! Can't wait to hear more on the 15th...I'm already working on my hubby to let me go!!


OMG! You are heaven sent! This idea of yours is awesome! I am definitely going to sign up for this little retreat! Scrapbookign and spa....what can be better? I am looking forward to learning from you as well as other designers. This will truely be amazing.

Dana Miron

I would so LOVE to do this... I just know with you involved it will be a really awesome experience!




Soo excited to see what this retreat will have to offer. =0) I HATE TRAVELLING. You have no idea how much I HATE to travel! I haven't been on a plane since 2001 and that was for CKU. I only travel if it is for a good cause. And you, Miss Heidi, are a good cause.. and because the retreat will be on the west coast. lol...

Kim Bolyard

Count me in...It will give me a reason to go visit my in laws in AZ and maybe even talk my husband into letting me go so he can visit family. I have it all worked out, We will come in a few days early visit the folks, he go do whatever it is he does and I will go do what I do....SCRAPBOOK!!!
Sounds awesome!!!
Kim Bolyard

Kelly Angell

Oh my gosh, I am from Vancouver, BC Canada and some how I have got to figure out a way to make it there. It sounds like such a good idea, I'm sure I can convince my hubby to let me go. I was supposed to go on the cruise for my b-day but unfortunately that got cancelled so this is the best make up birthday gift ever!! Can't wait for the details!!!!


I am so coming to this! My brother is on a mission in Tempe right now and gets home in June, so I'm sure he'd love to give me tips on people to meet as well. Tons of friends and relatives in AZ, and the chance to meet the fantastic Heidi...a dream come true! Great ideas, can't wait for all the info!

Shawn Gindt

I grew up in Arizona and still have lots of family there! I lived in Apache Junction and there are still lots of people I talk to so coming to this retreat would be AWESOME!!! Thanks Heidi!!


YaY! I cant wait to hear more details! Im not too far away over in NV!

Helle Greer

OHHHH yahhh , that's what I'm talking about...
Just called the gals, that I was gonna go to Az with in April, and canceled that trip, so we can do this one.
Now, No going in to labor EARLY!!!
Can't wait for this one , Heidi. Fun Fun
Helle in Coronado


This sounds and looks amazing!!!! I am so going to be there! I can't wait to hear more details about it on the 15th!


ohh can't wait - so glad i live here in mesa ! sounds like a blast !!


So Excited! I'm in North Scottsdale and was just having a pitty party that nothing seems to go on creatively out this way! Yeah!! I'll be there for sure!


I AM SO THERE.......
So lucky to have some free SW tickets from all of hubby's traveling. I will repeat...
I AM SO THERE!!!!! Can't wait to see the details!!!!!


This sounds amazing! I can't wait to see more info about and I hope I can attend!

Jessica K.

GIRL!!! I am so excited I just about peed in my panties! AAAAAAHHHHHH! FINALLY a venue in Phoenix, in the same valley that I reside in, one that I can actually attend! This so rocks and I haven't even finshed reading your post. All I needed to see was Bazzill, HKS, & phoenix in the same sentence. I need to lay down now. Count me in!

Chris R

How totally cool!!! I can't wait to see the cost and such on the 15th. Bazzill is my favorite and it will be during my vacation time too!!!! I hope to see you there.


oooooooooooooooh......I am there Heidi!!! Yippee!


Oh my gosh!! Could you at least give us dates so we could aske for vacation time!!! I want to be there. I have to be there!!!!

Sarah Pandolfo

YES, YES, YES. I am emailing this too all my friends. We wanted to go somewhere this year, and this sounds awesome!!!! I love the spa. Ok I am from Prince George, BC Canada so I will have to make a few plane rides, but it is possible. Can't wait to hear more. I knew you were "UP TO SOMETHING GREAT!!!!



Oh my gosh with all the snow on the ground here today, that just looks heavenly. I've never left the northern part of the continent so I've only dreampt of places so beautiful to visit. Totally bummed that I totally won't be able to go. Hubby is paying for me to go to CKU Provo this year so I think I've maxed out my travel budget. But oh my god this looks so good....so unfair. What's the chances you'll be doing this again next year???



That sounds like such a blast! I'll come TA for someone k. ;)

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