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Kelli Johnson

those LOs are amazing! I love the BPS sample one..so cute :) And that food looks awesome! making my mouth water. LOL


all the layouts are awesome!
love the one of q learing to ride her bike.
excited to take your class at big picture too!
E*N*J*O*Y those cookies!


Your LO's rock, as usual! Your kiddos are soooo cute! I am gonna have to lift every page. Thanks for the inspiration.
Enjoy your cookies, you've earned it!

Cathy Vargen

Hi Heidi -- I love when you show us your scrapbooking pages and give us all of your ideas...love the sandpaper around the actual photo -- great one! You are such an inspiration I think I will scrapbook all day today! Also love when you share what Eric is up to -- blintzes...my, he is adventurous!!! :o) Please keep sharing, Cathy


thank you, thank you. I have bought a couple of your kits and products but this is the first time I've seen them used with different styles. keep up the good work!


OK..YUMMO! Those blintz's look really good. I also love the layouts! You got a lot done last night, girl!

Amber C

Awesome layouts! I love how you get so much onto one 9x9 page!!

Hey if you need help eating those cookies I'm coming up north to your neck of the woods tonight and tomorrow. LOL


Thank you *so* much for sharing all of those cutie layouts! :) I love them.
I keep your line sold out at my lss! :)
Have a great day!


what awesome layouts!!! you totally had fun, i love how you used the butterfly tags, what a simple easy idea, and since the package comes with like a million of them, it's a great way to use them up!

now, PLEASE tell me about the "SHE" does it stand for something???? Is it short form for something??

I can't believe you have a new baby and all you get accomplished! you're such an example to the rest of us. Happy Sabbath to you! are you guys fasting cuz of GC next week? if so, those cookies must be for dessert, and i think i'll make some too! :D


Thanks for sharing all your adorable layouts you did. I am so excited for your BPS class. I am counting the days until I can sign up!
Quick question for ya...I am trying to break away from doing 2 page layouts (12 x 12) so I can get stuff done...what do you do on the other side of a one page layout? Do you make it match the paper, etc to each other OR you don't care if they match or not? I need to break out of my comfort zone!!
Thanks so much...

Jill Cornelius

Heidi, I LOVE ALL the layouts! I think Quincy's is my favorite, no on second thought all of them are my favorite! Your husband cooks! You are so lucky, mine knows how make scrambled eggs in the microwave and that's it! Have a great day and enjoy the chocolate chip cookies.


Heidi- I love your layouts, they are always so inspiring! And I just bought the journaling spots, they are the best! Great idea!


hmmm...can i do fuzzy rub-ons on my walls? love 'em.


thank you so much for sharing all of these layouts! you are totally inspiring me to do 9x9 pages...i tend to get overwhelmed with the 12x12 at times, but i like working with a square page. ever since i did my clock at CE i am loving the fuzzies, too!! gotta get my hands on some of the pink damask ones...
you rock!!


LOVE your LO's!! Thanks so much for sharing them. Your scrapping inspires me and makes me want to go scrap some myself! I would LOVE to take your BPS class. Did I already miss sign up? When does it begin? Can only a limited number of people get in? Enough questions huh?! ºÜº


Wow! I love your 9x9 lo's! So awesome! And I am in agreement that you need to do an idea book, cause all you lo's and projects are such great inspiration! Also can't wait for your BPS class. Thanks for sharing!


I am dying to use one of your 9x9 scrapbooks but I can't find them!!!! Someone sent me to Down Memory Lane and they don't have them. Could you direct me to a source...i.e. "hook me up" :+)?

Mary Ellen

Hi Heidi--
QUESTIONS!! Do you have 9x9 paper? or do you just cut it to size? Do you have a fine point Sharpie? and WHEN is your new stuff coming out? And HOW do you stay up til 3AM? When you say you don't sleep, you MEAN it huh??
Totally love the *watching the same movies over and over* thing--mine are Sleepless in Seattle, You've got Mail...and a few others. Total *chick flicks* that my boys think are so silly...
I think your DH kinda looks like Bruce Willis in this photo(with hair, of course :)
COOKING? You mean he COOKS? WOW! You got a KEEPER!
AND last but not least, the layouts are to die for--yep. true story! (LOVE those little Capri-feet!) And of course if you do an idea book you better get TWO OR THREE printings right up front cause it would sell like HOTCAKES! (Blintzes?!!)
Enjoy the choc chip cookies--salivating here just thinking of it--my favorite!
Take care, Mary Ellen


I have been using the journaling spots a ton lately too. They are so handy! I have always needed these little things!
YOur pages are great!!!


I LOVE YOUR LAYOUTS! you are just so inspiring. i do think you need to come out with an idea book. i would be the first to buy it. i was online searching for some hs supplies. i am doing a clock for my office at work and needed some patrotic things, being i am air force. when i get it done, they are gonna love it. all because of your ce class. thanks so much.

What a darling husband. i even bet they turned out better than martha. wtg to eric. you are so talented. scrap and cook and what will you surprise us with next.

how do i send you some pictures, you just gotta have from ce?


It's always great seeing your work, Heidi. I'm glad you snuck in some creative time even if it meant robbing your sleep to get it, I'm sure it was well worth it!!


Love your layouts! How nice that your hubby cooked! and I totally agree aobut the movie "Raise Your Voice" it's by far her best movie in my humble opinion. Make me cry like a baby, and still watch it over and over again.

Jolene George

Gosh! I was up with you last night. I couldn't sleep, so I started cleaning out my scrapoom closet. I should have scrapped like you, because now I have a huge mess on my hands and no where near finished. What was I thinking?! I love your layouts. The smaller sizes are real fun to do.
That dessert Eric made looks so good and I think strawberry banana is much better that blueberry. I'm pretty impressd by his cooking ability. My husband cooks breakfast and grills. I made chocolate chip cookies the other day, but would love your recipe...especially since you say it's the best. Do share! http://jolenegeorge.blogspot.com/

Jen B

Thanks so much for sharing your pages, you're right--then next best thing to an idea book! Really looking forward to your BPS class.

Wanda E. Santiago

AS always your pages rock your baby is so precious!! Wanda

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