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Betsey Cline

I'll be watching Wednesday Heidi --you'll do fabulous --I am sure of it!! Funny thing --I got a pedicure today too -with sparkly red polish and I feel so much more ready for Christmas... in fact, when I took off my socks -I just stared at my toes, and smiled.

Have a happy day!


What a great family picture! All FOUR of the children looking at the camera and smiling, at that!! The picture in itself is an accomplishment!!!! I only have two girls, and this is the first time I have a great pic of the two of them since Hayley was 8-months old (and she just turned 2)!

Ah, a pedicure! Sounds like absolute bliss..wish I had time for that, but I'm not even done with half of my Christmas shopping! Will get to work on that tomorrow.

Hope you and your family have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!


Oh good luck on Wed. Heidi - it'll be fun seeing you on QVC, but you always seem so calm in your video cams, etc. You'll do great.

Xmas photo is so cute - that baby Capri's smile lights up a room!

Merry Xmas!


Good luck on QVC! You'll do awesome! Can't wait to see you!

Happy Anniversary!


I am thinking good thoughts for you, Miss Heidi! I'm sure you will be fabulous! I have my tivo set and ready to go!

BTW...the Christmas pic turned out great!


HEIDI WE WANT TO SEE THE XMAS CARD!!!!! Don't you know by now we crave to see anything you create!!


good luck on QVC! can't wait to see you!

Kim Bolyard

Good luck on QVC...you will be great. Just pretend you a teaching a class you have done a dozen or more times and you will be fine. I am going for pedi tomorrow...can't wait. Red toes for me too.

Happy Holidays


Like the others said - I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see your finished Christmas Card. Please post a pic of it :)

The picture of your kiddos is so cute - love it...


I will be setting the tivo to be sure I dont miss it!


Darlying photo of the kids. Capri is getting so big. Your cards sound lovely. Must feel good to have them almost done. I'll miss the QVC segment - don't have TiVo and and electronically impaired with the recorder. I'm sure you will do fabulously.
Merry Christmas


you write such inspiring --get on with a
happy life stuff!! god bless you and your
family. thank you for sharing.

Helle Greer

I will tune in on wednesday.
Cute photo of your kids, little Capri is growing so fast.
You have to post your Christmas card after Christmas so we can see it, sounds so cool.
Good luck tomorrow.


cutie cute picture of your kids!! post a picture of your christmas card so we can all see! merry christmas and good luck on qvc, you'll be awesome as always!!

kim h

I have never ordered anything off of QVC but I will make an exception for you! Also, how do you get the spray paint to stick and not rub off? I end up with silver hands!


Good luck on QVC...you're gonna be so cute~ as usual! As for the card thing...I'm with you. Love 'em. Getting them, making them, looking at them over and over. Just so you know, I saved yours from last year and I still like it this year. =) So fun. And I totally understand the hectic schedule this time of year. I've got a bday on the 20th (like I need another excuse for a decadent dessert this time of year!) and kids have been sick and hubby is busy with golf club/holiday parties. I love Christmas, but this year I think I am looking forward to January. I just may have to get my first pedicure ever. I keep saying that, but seriously, I think I deserve it this time! Merry Christmas to you and yours. Wish Emily Waters a Merry one too!


please, please, can you share your card and the envelope too!! I would love more info on the envelope. That sounds so cool.


Coleen Thompson

Your card sounds fantastic. I love getting cards in the mail too. I enjoy seeing all the deifferent styles and how peoples work progresses from year to year!


what a gorgeous family photo, heidi! does it still just completely tickle you to see all FOUR of your babies together? ;)

Happy Holidays to you!

Valencia Taylor


Good luck at QVC! I'll be watching. Remember that the presentation will probably go really fast -- like 2 minutes. Don't forget to tell what is in the kit. Lisa always does that and the hosts really like that because they don't have to remind you. If your demo boards have glare, you may do a better job presenting at the demo table. Relax, take a deep breath. Can't wait to see what you are bringing. As a viewer, I love to see product demos, how they are used and interesting product ideas. You may even get to take a viewer call! Hope to see you more on the 'Q' in the future.


Good luck on QVC, you'll do great! And love that adorable picture of your kids!


OOOOh, i'll be looking for you on QVC!! good luck!
And the pedicure thing. OH.SO.GOOD!
Merry Christmas!


awesome Christmas picture
capri is growing so!!
have fun on qvc
I am sure you will do great, just like being in front of your students in a class
Merry Christmas!!


Can't wait to see you tomorrow on QVC! Sounds like the holiday season is going well for you. Your children are beautiful! Have a great day and a Merry Christmas!

sarah the kiwigirl

What a beautiful family photo! I wish we got QVC here in New Zealand...good luck! Hope you and your family have a wonderful christmas and I so look forward to doing your BPS class in the new year..bring it on!

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