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Sounds like you had a wonderful time at the Zielske's house :)

I miss Cathy's Blog too!!! Wish she'd bring it back :) Please Cathy!!!!! XOXO

LOVE your Pink Forest btw ~ IT TOTALLY ROCKS HEIDI!!!!!


Glad you had a wonderful time! I can't believe Cathy made the pasta; it must have been SOOO GOOD!

I had a laugh over the Thanksgiving leftovers!! I had actually stared at mine in the fridge today, and I figured I would have to throw them out on Sunday night, as garbage comes Monday. So glad to know I'm not the ONLY one who does this....ha!

Hope you have a great weekend!


Sound like you had a great time!!! I miss her blog too!!! Com'on CZ....bring it back! Good luck with the fam photo!!


I would love to see some of your previous christmas cards. Would you be so kind as to post them?


it is a dream of mine to one day go to mall of america.

but you better believe I will be buying something. I'm aghast you bought nothing! are you sure you are a woman?? heehehe :)


so cool
I knew you were going to MN
CZ comma being your blog back
miss ya so but understand also
I bet that mall is overwhelming HS
I would probaby done the samething
esp. with flight to catch, prob. would have been all over if got to caught up in shopping
have an awesome night of scrapbooking


MOA . . .I keep thinking I'll make it there sometime! Sounds like you had a great visit with Cathy and crew (loved the blog . . . miss it!).

Christmas card photo shoot . . .I decided to make it easy on myself this year. I figured out a card where I could shoot each kid individually and then combine it into one print. So much easier with the goofy fake grins the 2 girls are doing right now!

mitchell kraft

Heidi...you should have visited me...I am so close to Cathy...about a mile from her....it would have been great! BUMMER....maybe next time! HA! One can only dream..... :)
Glad to hear you enjoyed it.......I think Cathy needs to make me Manicoti some time...thats seriously my favorite food! Too bad I don't know her personally....some day....some day my friends! Heck...we are practically neighbors! But I do truly wish she would revive her blog....it was so inspirational and uplifiting. She always has a positive outlook on everything! SHES A ROCK STAR!!
And the MOA.....GOOD LUCK! I hardly go there....its too overwhelming.....and plus...college student here! HELLO! NO MONEY!! Ha.......
peace, yo!

Lyn Meeker

I still have some Thanksgiving leftovers .. does that mean that I have to clean my refrigerator today? ... Bummer! ...

So glad you had a grand time with Ms. Z ... I took her class in Atlanta .. I laughed so much! (and cried ...)

You gotta get her to come to CE 07! ... (Even if it is just in a student capacity! - Although as a key-note speaker she would really rock!)

I miss her blog so much that I still check the link every day even tho' I get a "not found" message .. I just home someday that I will find her again!


Count this as one more vote for Cathy to resurrect her blog!

Karalynn Tyler

As a MN resident, I couldn't imagine Christmas with 72 degree weather. It's better today- almost 50 is like heaven in MN during December. I'm glad you enjoyed MN even if it was a bit chilly for your liking. Hey, the cold weather gives us such a great excuse to stay indoors and SCRAP all winter.

corien ooms

please, please, please Cathy. Do come back to us!!!
Corien from the Netherlands


Glad you enjoyed your time in MN with the Zielske's. We all REALLY do miss Cathy's blog and hope she comes back SOON!

PROLIX from la Normandie

It's a great shame, because when I discovered Cathy, she cancelled her blog, so I never could see it.
I'm very sad.

As for Rhonna's one too.

Why are you gone, les filles???

I don't understand!

You're so gifted!

{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}

Heather H.

I too am missing my regular CZ fix. I think this is the 3rd blog that I've commented on to bring back Cathy's blog. CZ, YOu are missed! HS you rock! HH


I miss Cathy's blog too...it was definitely one of my favorites! Come back, Cathy!!

Laura Daniel

Count me as one who misses Cathy's blog. I still have it in my fav's and check it just to be sure that it really is gone. COME BACK, SOON! Good luck getting your shopping done.


What a great time you had - and yes, we ALL miss Ms Z, so please please pretty please Cathy will you start up your blog again? (is that enough whining??)

Sherry Bickford

Sounds like you had a great time in MN!
I live in South Minneapolis. Funny how The Mall of America was such a big deal when I first moved here from PA 9 years ago. Now its just "The Mall". No biggie. lol

I miss Cathy's blog too!! *whineeeeee* :o)


it sounds like you had a fabulous time I only imagine how much fun it would be at the Z's. I really really miss Kathy's Blog I used to start my day by reading her blog it always put a smile on my face. I think its a great idea to start a campaign to bring back Kathy Z's Blog. Come on Kathy please please start it up again. Is that enough whinning???



You make millions jealous. a visit with cathy z and a homemade dinner. that would make my life. she is totally cool. did you visit archiver's while in mall of america. i would be overwhelmed there also. you will get xmas together. it is all about family anyway. not just the presents. it will come together.

Jolene George

Sounds like a blast with Cathy! I agree that the weather here is sooo much nicer!
Fridge cleaning is the WORST...mine needs it in a bad way! http://jolenegeorge.blogspot.com/


Oh dear, your time with the Zielkes sounds pure pleasure. And you even got homemade pasta, now I am rally jealous! And I too miss Cathys blog very much. I am glad that I am not the only one checking Cathys blog link still regulary even I know it is not there anymore.

This would be the biggest Christmas gift to many, many scrapbookers out here! We truly miss you.


My (so far) only visit to the US led me to the Mall of America. It was a promotion tour for travel agents and I basically spent 2 days there, took a sightseeing tour around Minneapolis and went back home. So in my dreams about the US I always imagine it a shopper's paradise. Luckily next CHA I will come to see Anaheim. I'm so excited and hope that you'll be there, too!

Melissa MacL.

Yes, Cathy Z has to bring her blog back! Right before she took it down, she had posted the most amazing Neil Finn song and now Neil Finn, previously unknown to me, is my music obsession. C'mon Cathy you know a thing or two about music obsessions, don'tcha? And honestly, you owe it to rock-n-roll to bring your blog back. And I know you would never let rock-n-roll down..... :)

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