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Aimee Porco

Thanks for that inside look at Tim H. I love his Chronicles Stamps. So yummy!

Glad to read that someone as talented as you is still learning.


:-o Look at those stamps !

I love it ! Glad you had such a great time- can't wait for you to share tips !! hehe

hugs xx


thanks Heidi...i love Tim's work, but didn't know that much about him...thanks for the insight. see you at CHA...



so jealous! That would be such an awesome experience! I love the classes I've taken from him, and I can only imagine how much one on one in HIS STUDIO would ROCK!!!

awesome stuff.


wiping up the drool! :)


Man, I love Tim and his art!!! What a cool day you and Em must have had!! What a studio..I want that one day!


HOLY CRAP! Thems a ton of stamps! It sounds like you had an amazing opportunity at Tim's place! So very cool!!


Oh my stars, He is so incredible! What an inspiring studio.

Shawnna / flipflopmom

so so LUCKY!!!

Melissa H

Tim is amazing... i LOVE his stuff! He is also the nicest, most genuine of guys!


How fun to be a room with you, Tim and Emily..great inspiration! Thanks for the peek into Tim's world! LOL!! MargieH in Chicago


Girl, you are lucky! :) Tim's work is awesome! But then, so is yours!! :)


soo jealous too! Love Tim and the Distress Inks are my absolute best friends, yes all 24 of them. No page goes without Vintage Photo! did you see the cool freaky little monkey??


seriously...how could you even concentrate!
i would be to busy droooling over everything!

Anne Sheridan

OMG...it's called Heaven...Heidi & Tim together...creating!


how cool is that. so jealous. m

Jann  Saulsberry

Ok...I am TOTALLY jealous. But I would love to do the same with you...so don't feel bad. I just think the two of you have this complementary style. I used his inks with your masks ALL the times....and LOVE the results. I tend to use a stiple brush with his inks (which blend so well together as you know) to make a gradient mask. My favorite is with lettering -- or this Christmas it has been with the Holly Mask...but I digress. i am so excited that you got to spend time with him...bet it was a total blast...enjoy!


Woah, sounds like loads of fun! Lucky both of you who got to spend some time together! And your friend too! :D

Lyn Meeker

I took two classes in Atlanta with Mr. T .. yep, I was willing to fly across the country to take his classes! .... AWESOME! (But to be in his house .. and play one on one! WHOOO HOOO! It's a girls dream come true!)

You didn't happen to ask him if he had time in Sept 07 open on his busy schedule to make an appearance (TEACH?) at Creative Escape .... did you? Because that would be even more awesome .. the awesomest?


Lucky you! I AM an accountant & would love to bean artist!


Looks like a ton of fun - Tim Holtz is amazing!

Kitty Foster

Jealous as heck about seeing Tim's studio, eating Cathy's manicotti and your pink trees!

**Also, I am looking for contact info for Creative Escape. I emailed them about sponsorship and haven't heard anything. If you could send me that info that would be great!**

Thanks in advance!

robyn bedsaul

not fair! :)

Nichole Black

Completely jealous! Heidi, Emily, and Tim creating all day? Heaven! I am cracking up at how un-ladylike Tim's studio is - look at all that chrome shelving. No pink/black polka dots or flowers anywhere! LOL So glad you had a good time - you deserve it!


Maybe this inspiration will lead you to manufacture more rubber stamps!!! (wink!) I love the ones you currently produce, but could always add to my stash!!

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