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can this be right? I tried to reserve a room at the Point - 2 queen beds - and there aren't any left?? I can't afford the suites!


ok, ok... all of you that weren't able to make it into that craziness can come over to my house for cosmos, scrapping and girlie fun!! : )


I thought that I'd missed out too. I'm international and I've waited up til 1am - ready for that 9am opening. After being disappointed and reading the blogs everywhere, I just now (1 hour after registration supposedly closed)went back to the Creative Escape homepage and saw that registrations had opened again. I was able to put one in my basket and got my transaction approved. WOW! I'm excited but still disappointed for everyone who missed out. If anyone's reading this - go back NOW and try again. It worked for me.


well, roadtripper...consider yourself LUCKY!! I just tried it again and it's a definite NO GO!! all sold out...just like when I tried it when it opened!! : (


The page must be pretty messed up. I just checked again and have been able to put another 3 in my shopping cart. I'm at the final stage where I put in my credit card details. But, I won't go ahead with this transaction - I don't need 3 more spaces... and if I get them out of my cart now that will free up 3 more spaces - I'm going to do it right now. Hope someone gets them. Good luck.

margie r


or someone monitoring this site.

please advise if these 3 spots on roadtripper can be made available???

margie r


They are out of my cart right now.

vicki f

i had trouble registering. i kept trying and some spots opened up. i got one of them. just keep trying back. goodluck to all. this was a very stressful time. but i think we all knew this was going to go fast. keep trying.


Lots of people are reverseing slots, I needed 2, one for me, one for my mom, and wound up with 5 in my cart with no way to update that to 2, I gambled and paid for 5 and now IT is trying to take 3 off to free them up for waitlist.

I'm betting lots of the people initially on the wait list will have slots by Monday morning.

my browser hung up, I'd close the window and go back in from the home page and that's how I got so many all of a sudden, that shouldn't have happened, so they have lots to fix for next year!


there's got to be a better way than this...

i've tried back 4 times... no luck...no spots available... and this after I was able to put one in my shopping basket when registration first opened, but then the site froze when trying to go to check out... : ( all this hype for it, but no one to talk to us now that there are problems...

so close... and yet so far...

Dawn T

Wow, did that ever sell out fast, with all the talk it is not suprising. We did manage to get tickets, the system was slow, but it worked. It's just like any other scrapbooking event when the celebrity from the industries are there, it will sell and fast, hopefully the wait list will be successful. As for the "average joe" we all had the same opportunity.


apparently not, dawn... some of us were there when it 'opened'...were trying to get through, but couldn't... i didn't have an opportunity to get tickets because the system wouldn't let me


I am very disappointed....this was going to be my trip for the year.....so sad and frustrated like all of you. I think that it should have been limited to ONE per person....that way no one gets 10 or more at the time.....that sucks!
i hope one comes available.


So bummed out.... today is my birthday and we are celebrating in Utah, so we skied in the morning and I signed on to register after lunch to find out the event filled in 2 minutes! Were people buying large blocks of tickets to resell? I am enjoying a Y2R so much and being able to go to this event was something I was really looking forward to. Oh well the skiing was great- I am going to keep celebrating, and hope I make it through on the wait list. Congratulations to those of you who are going!


I'm sad too - I already sent an email to the support at CE but I ran home from my dd's vball tournament to make registration and was ready to go. The first screen that came up was "Registration closed, 262 spaces left, sign on the waiting list" I thought, What? And signed up on the wait list and tried to go through registration again and kept getting "Registration closed, go to wait list". I tried for 25 minutes. Then I found out later on the yahoo group that quite a few people got in 40 minutes late. I'm bummed!! If it had said "we're having problems, try back later" I wouldn't have left! I'm majorly bummed. I missed my dd's game and registration!


what is the yahoo group?


I'd just like to know where Heidi is in all of this... Heidi... you've sung up a storm about CE and we all support and love you...but with the fiasco that alot of us have encountered today...where are you now?

Jill Bushart

The whole registration was totally terrible. Basil told me you had 5,000 hits within 2 minutes. I was on the site precisely at the time it opened and the first screen I received was "Registration closed, 262 spaces left, sign on waiting list" and I immediately filled in information on waiting list. I received this message several times and the last time it told me there were 82 spaces left, sign on waiting list. None of this made any sense. My closest friend who has the same internet as I did got on immediately. Others I talked to got on after receiving messages that "Registration was closed". While we were urged to make our hotel reservations last year before we left (which I did), we were not allowed any type of consideration for preregistering this year. We all came last year because we were big Heidi Swapp fans and without any idea of whether or not this event would be successful or not. We, who were first to support this event the first time out, can't even get registered this year. I assume we all made a mistake about letting everyone know how great 2006 was for all of us who attended. I can only voice how poorly registration was handled this year. I hope I am on the wait list, but who can tell from the way the whole system operated.

Babette  Ensing

I had 2 computers going at the same time and was not able to get onto the registration site. My 40th birthday is 9-8 and my hubby was giving me this trip as my gift. Oh well, I do have my room so maybe I will keep it and scrap at the pool. Maybe I will run into Heidi that way.


I, too, was on the site the second it opened!! Literally! I was able to 'reserve' one spot and put it in my basket and proceed to check out... however, once I got there, the site started to just hang or freeze up... I waited and waited... I also was shown some page that stated there were something like 85 spots left...when I finally navigated away from my frozen page, I found my way back to reregister, at which time there were only 24 spots left.. Again, I tried to complete the process, and again, it stalled. I eventually had to back up and try again, only to find that now the whole thing was sold out! What happened to my reservation that I had in my basket and that I was trying to check out with and pay for???

Yes, a lot of people hitting a site at once can create a bit of a problem...and no doubt, a bunch of us tried. But if an event like this is going to be so greatly advertised, come on...Heidi and everyone else KNEW that a lot of people would be signing on at the first second and appropriate measures should have been in place so that people would not have been misdirected, misinformed and left to make sense of a terribly confusing and frustrating process.

Catherine Feegel-Erhardt  (Memory Maker Master  2007)

Congratulations! 2 minutes to sell out!
If I got in or not....
You are still the BEST in my book! (As you are to many people)
I am happy for you and Mr. Jones!
Good Job!
Hope to see you @ CE 2007..
PS don't let the turkeys get you down!


Let's just remember that we can't hold Heidi personally responsible for those of us who didn't get in...she's only one person, and I can guarantee she's not the one that designed the registration process...I think it's just a simple matter of there were a bazillion people trying to regsiter at the same time and some were lucky and got thru while others didn't. It is totally sad, I know...I am feeling the same way! My friend thought she reserved 2 spots and we still haven't received a confirmation so we really don't know what's going on...let's not take it out on Heidi!!


no turkeys here, catherine.. just honest people who had a very unfortunate experience...


well, this is an event sponsored by Heidi, put together by Heidi, taught by Heidi and advertised by Heidi... so what's wrong with telling her of our frustrations and problems registering for her event?? let's be honest... the only reason we're even here is because of Heidi!


I'm super sad too. I've been SO excited- I've been surfing the web late at night after the kids went to bed trying to find out details from last year's students and even called Scrapbook etc. (the lss that also sponsors CE) to see if they could tell me a little more about the classes ect.- then it was sold out. I thought "OK I'm on the waiting list- ppl will cancel over time and maybe I'll get in" but now i hear ppl. registered at 11:00AM? That isn't right. I just hope it will all get sorted out quickly & I'll have an email on Mon saying I can register!! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!

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