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Kayla MacAulay

That page is fantastic.
one day I will make it to Disney land i hope. :-) can't wait to see the pics.

:-) Kayla


A Disney kit would be great!!!!! Living in So Cal, we went 8 times in 3.5 years...I have tons of pics!! Have fun!

Angie Nichalson

Great layout Heidi! Hope you have a great time in Disney...what a woman! We moms should be so inspired!! Angie


great page heidi! love the color scheme.
i am on my 4th disney album now..and after a few vacations there I wanted something a little different for my pages to..so it is mostly non-disney themed stuff, and I focused alot on the disney themeing this time.Have a great trip!


a Disney kit would be GREAT! Hope you have a grand time.

Alice P.

a Heidi Disney kit - can't wait! Have a Magical time!


Have fun at Disney!

I am with you on the Groundhog thing. I had 2 babies in 2 years too.

Jamie ~ Alabama

Dawn Bibbs

Ya'll have fun and be safe!


Disney Kit-ROCK ON!! Make sure you stand in front of Cinderella's Castle for a Photo Pass Opportunity-tell them you want the Tinkerbell shot. It is totally cool as they will place her in the palms of your hands. Have a great time!


have fun at Disney!
I can't wait to take my kids...we still have a few years to go till we can do that.
Make sure yous hare some pics when you get back!!

Tanya Webster

have soooo much fun!! It's one of our favorite places to go (with four kids no less!!) you will have a great time even with baby Capri!!! :)


Awww, you'll be in my neck of the woods. Have a great day. We had some seriously bad wind. Today we woke to sunshine and very little wind. Should be a gorgeous day! Enjoy!!


A big YEAH BABY on a Disney kit! Have a blast at the land! Best, BLo


Have a blast... we just got back from Disney... so a Disney KIT wold be fab! Heidi Swap and Disney TOGETHER? Does it GET any better than that?


Would love a Disney kit! Heading to Siney World ourselves tomorrow for 4 days! Have fun!


ooooh-- we're HUGE disney fans and a disney kit would be soooo awesome!! i love that page you did and how you didn't even lug around a camera, but still managed to get great pictures!! everytime we go, we end up taking a TON of pictures and i have yet to complete an album! LOL!

have a great time---i want to go again too!

kim Loewen

Have so much fun! It really is the happiest place on earth...isn't it? hehe!

Patti Mullican

I love the idea of a Disney kit! Would love seeing what you do with your Disney pix. Still haven't scrapped mine from last Fall.

Alisha Morgan

I'd buy the Disney kit! :)

We go every year and our next trip is in May. Hooray!

Have a wonderful time. Capri's first time at Disney, right? Neat!

Annie Adams

I would love to see a HS Disney kit...We have annual passes so we go all the time..I have more Disney photos than you can believe..and I never get sick of it...have so much fun!!!

Odette Apodaca

I would love if you made a disney kit! LOVE IT. I'll be in Disneyland on Friday. We're driving from Mesa,AZ tomorrow night. Maybe I'll see you there. I'll be the one taking a picture of you instead of Winnie the Pooh. ha ha


Have a magical time!

I so hope you do a Disney kit! We go almost every year and I get so sick of the same old Disney-themed scrapbook items. I'd love to do Heidi-style Disney pages!!

Amanda Fuentes

A Disney Kit would be awesome! I'm a huge Disneyland fan, we are going again in June! Can't wait to see some great pics! Take and posts lots PLEASE! :)

Lori Hudson

My youngest sons are 12 months and 10 days apart. I have pictures of their daddy holding them as newborns in the hospital. He was wearing the same shirt both times! We don't know which baby is which! Groundhog Day, YES!

Vickie Jones

Disney kit would rock, we go every 2 years or so, DD is already asking to go again.

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