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Karla in So Cal

Happy Monday! So glad you had a great time and a wonderful massage. I was there Friday too and boy was it crowded. We didn't get to ride too much, but still had a great time.

Katie Bartlett

We are headed there ourselves next week and my kids think I am a teen ager I am so excited. I Never get tired of all the Disney fun. What is this Pirate girl thing? you must tell me. Thanks for the recap. I am excited!!!


hi heidi!

you've put into words exactly how i feel about disney. as a little girl i too can remember the "magic",and now passing it down to my kids, gets me all teary-eyed seeing it through their eyes. funny how you mentioned about not looking at the receipts--so true, as it does add up, but hey, what vacation doesn't? and what better way to spend money than on memories that will last forever. disney isn't just for the kids--it's also for the parents who don't want to grow up either!! :)

welcome home!


wonderful observations :) we live just down the street and sometimes take this place for granted, but glad you & the fam had a blast!! dh & the kiddies adore the chili peppers/space mtn. ride too, but i'm like you...peter pan is STILL my all-time fave ride and i'm almost ancient, lol!

Anne Thompson

Peter Pan is my favorite ride also! It has been since the first time I went to Disneyland. We took our girls there last Nov. age 2 and 3. And I tried to get them to love Peter Pan as much as me, but I just don't think they did! Maybe next time. Glad you guys had a great time. Anne


Peter Pan is my favourite too, it's the first ride we did with our kids the first time we went, they were 2 1/2 and 4 and it was truly MAGICAL! I never did Disney as a kid, our kids are all so lucky to experience it. And for those who have thought about it but never done it, go do the cruise, heaven for everyone! As they always tell us in the magazines you don't necessarily need a picture for a page, you could just scrap your list Heidi! Could be a good AYTR challenge!

Happy Easter!


I left Disneyland the day before your family arrived and experienced those dreaded lines for spring break first hand! This was my first trip to Disney as an adult and it was an adults only trip, kind of a new Disney experience. Love the pirate pricess and my dear friend Jessie wore her pirate princess ears for 2 days straight! Glad you had as much fun as we did!


Oh Heidi we love The Grand Californian. For the past 3 years my husband and I have treated our families for New Years Eve. We stay two nights in a 3 bedroom suite and it is fabulous. I hope you signed up for the concierge room. It is the best. We also love that our kids can access Cal Adv through the hotel and not have to go through downtown disney. Even my teenagers can't wait to go back this year. We make reservations the same day we come home so we are sure to have our same rooms. I hope your kids had a wonderful time.


Okay, I thought I was the only adult in the world who absolutely loved the Peter Pan ride -- glad to know I have a kindred spirit out there.

Vickie in Seattle


Heidi, I am so glad you and your family have had such an awesome trip. It was always my dream to take my boys. Call me crazy, but even though they are now 22 and 18 I still want to do it. Have a safe trip home.

KJ Miller

Some of us, like Peter Pan, love being a kid, being a parent (& grandparent not there yet) and being just sweethearts in Disneyland. I never tire of the Happiest Place on Earth. You notice on the original Fantasyland rides, the lines are mostly filled with grown-ups reliving their childhood Disney fantasies. One time when the kids were young, we stayed at the Disneyland Hotel and being able to Monorail back and forth was perfect. I am so excited for our big family to revisit the places we have loved for since our first 1957 trip (our family's 50 year anniversary). love, kj


You just revamped our entire experience to Disney World! Wasn't that just amazing... even at OUR age! I think my husband and I were more excited than the kids! Our daughter wasn't all that thrileed with the tower either, and little man was a half inch too short for so many rides... HIS HAIR touched!


Heidi (or anyone, really!), this pink quartz clock that I keep seeing in the ads: is there a pink HS clock or did you just spray paint the black one? Because if there IS a pink one, that's the one I've got to have!!! LOL Thanks! Enjoy your blog! :)


Happy to hear you had a great time. I am leaving for disneyland next week. Now I have some inside info...thanks..

Michelle Bostinelos

Heidi - sounds like a great trip to Disneyland! I can't wait until my kids are old enough to go and enjoy it! Also wanted to say I love your blog, love your products. I especially love the Ghost Wings! I have some layouts up on my blog where I use them! SO much fun. check it out a www.songofstorms.com/blog.
Michelle B


what a fun adventure. Bummer about the camera, but as others mentioned, that gives you a good excuse to go again soon. :o)

Just wanted to let you know that my kits arrived today (I got both the girl and the boy kits) and they are FABULOUS. I'm planning to start playing with them the minute the children are in bed tonight. Thanks for the great offer. You made my day (and week!). Hope you make more kits again..... I especially want to get my hands on some of those ghost wings!! Please?! :O)

Glad you all had a great trip to Disney.


hi from Italy Iwould kike to go to Disneyland word.. In Italy we have gardaland and Mirabilandia,they are not so large and beautifull as Disneyland but they are wonderfull and I like to go there with My friends and my son ,also if he is 22 years old.
Have you a good holiday on Disneyland and excuse for m English
a kiss for your babies

erin yamabe

i still love seeing the characters, too!


Sounds like you had so much funnage!! Were off to Disney Monday and Tuesday wooohooo, and thanks for reminding me to bring my charger for my camera ;O)

Nicole Bryant

Oh we are a total Disney family! Haven't been to the California one yet, but used to go to Orlando 2x a year when we lived stateside. Love, love, love staying in the Disney hotels, they're all great and not having to drive or worry about parking is the best. Glad you have a great time!

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