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so sorry to hear about your batteries! That stinks! But i'm glad you and the family are having a great time! Be safe on your trip home!



My kids are 20 years and 14 and they STILL absolutely love Disney World. I must confess I love it too. It is such a happy place and Disney does a wonderful job of everything. We live in Arkansas and we have been 4 times over the years and one year even did the Disney cruise. That is the kids most favorite one! Enjoy your family even if you didn't get lots of photos. The kids will always remember. See you in September at Creative Escape and I am loving the AYTR class.


Ali W in NZ

Oh Heidi, I too love the whole Disney experience. In fact, I get tears in my eyes when I watch any of the shows! Now THAT is sad.... We took DD when she was 2 for the first time and then again when she was 4. She loved both times on different levels. I scrapped the pics of her when she met Ariel for the autograph thing - the look on her face is pure adoration and amazement at the same time. i will frever treasure just the memory. So glad you enjoyed the massage too. Keep your feet up and rest - I want to see you ship shape and rockin' at CE in Sept!!

Ali in New Zealand (I saw you here in Auckland when you were over! Loved you! and your stuff! very excited to be doing it all again!)

Katie Skiff

I know that I would still be loving to meet the characters! Why do you think we had kids...so there is still an excuse to go! LOL...

I am glad you are enjoying the trip!! Have fun.

Lisa Russell

We live an hour away from Disneyworld (FL) and STILL stay in the resorts there. It is the best - when you get hot in the afternoon, you just head over to the resort and swim for a bit, and head on out again. I hope you bought some disposable cameras when your batteries went out! They sell them all over the park. Glad you had a great time!

Kim H

So glad you had a wonderful time. I loved reading about it. We have already booked our Disney World vacation for NEXT spring break, where we will be taking our 12 year old and our 2 year old daughters. We just can't wait for the "baby" to experience it--we're not sure who's more excited, them or us!!



the peter pan ride is awesome, and after all these years!

Lyn Meeker

If there is a picture that you absolutely have to have ... like the castle at night and you didn't get it because of the batteries .. you can always google it ... someone has taken that picture and you can always "borrow" it! ...

Our family has been to Disney so often that the last time I was there .. I (and my son) went with my brother and his daughter and apparently the goal was to ride as many of the thrill rides in that day as possible .. no time for many pictures although they did allow a couple of minutes to stop and take a couple of them ... so I decided when I got home to supplement! .. No harm in doing that -- if only to capture the day we "DID DISNEY" in warp speed!

Laurie Rabatich

I wouldn't be so hard on yourself with regard to the batteries & charger.I say that any Mom with four children & another on the way deserves a huge pat on the back for "Doing Disney".
I remember with fondness closing down Disney @ 1a.m. with my son while my husband slept in the car with our middle daughter.Being six months pregnant @ the time didn't slow me down-I was young!
My son who is 21 now still reminds of the night we were the last to leave the gates of Disneyland.A special memory for both of us.


Heidi-- You got me all excited for our trip to WDW in exactly 27 days. We will be in the parks for 4 days plus taking the Disney cruise for the 2nd time. That is TOTAL luxury!!! We are such huge Disney fans and love all the excitement and attention to every detail that Disney does~!! Thanks for getting me even more excited!!

Vickie Jones

we are hitting Disney next summer, it will be DS who will be 14 6th trip and DD who will be 5 2nd

I love Pirarets of the Caribeen, and Big Thunder Mt Railroad, I could ride just those rides all day!

Bummer on your camera!


Heidi - We went to Disneyland 2 weeks ago for our Spring Break. We, too, stayed on site at the Grand Californian. Growing up in Cali, I never got the experience of staying on-site and feel so fortunate that we were able to this time around. It was so convenient. And while it was pricey, I agree that it is best not to review your receipts. It is, afterall, a vacation.
About seeing the characters...I totally feel the same way you do! It was as much of a thrill for me as it was for my 5 year old daughter, especially when Ariel blew her a kiss from atop the float. :) I think at times I was even more giddy than she was. It is magical and I think it always will be no matter how old you feel.


Your blog always makes me smile. This post brought back memories of our trip with our then 5 and 2 year olds. Now baby #3 is 14 months, and we are planning to do the Disney Cruise soon. We stayed at the Grand Californian too, don't you love getting character chocolates on your pillow? Peter Pan is totally my fave too, I can remember it from when I went with my parents many moons ago. So glad you had fun!


Sounds like you had a great trip Heidi! Almost 2 years ago we did the same trip you just did--three days at the Grand Californian (and lots of rides on California Screamin'!). We went with my parents and brother in celebration of my mom's 75th birthday and our son's 10th (same day). It was so fun to see them walking around the parks with their big "It's My Birthday!" buttons on! Great memories--not scrapbooked yet. At least I got my AYTR layout up before the end of the month--have a safe trip home!

Gina R.

Thank you for sharing your vacation stories with us. Living vicariously through you is a wonderful, sweet and one of life's little treasures.
Welcome Back, safe, tired and sound!

Holly Child

Isn't that funny how Peter Pan is always the longest line! That and Alice in Wonderland! Nobody could give a hoot about Snow White or Mr. Toad's Wild Ride! LOLOL!


The Kodak store has battery chargers! I know I had to use one myself! Here's to moms forgetting their battery chargers!!
Glad you enjoyed the massage!


I meant to add that they will charge them for you for *free*...and right around the corner on Main Street is their most *awesome* baby changing station...complete with microwaves...little potties (for the potty training crowd) and nice ladies who are very helpful...

Peter Pan

I'm not sure that I care...


kim Loewen

Sounds like you had so much fun!


Heidi -

I am headed to Disneyland next week and I don't even have children I go for the whole kid experience as an adult so if you still enjoy seeing all the characters that is not weird. I love Disney and everything it encompasses. I'm so glad that you enjoyed yourself and no 3 days is not too long I usually spend at least 5 - gotta soak up as much as the magic as possible.

Glad to hear you had such a wonderful time and sorry to hear about your camera but just think it is just an excuse to have to go back soon.



We had the opportunity to go to Disneyland two years in a row, and my kids STILL talk about it. We are looking forward to going again this year. As the kids get older, they remember different things (and can ride those ride they weren't tall enough to ride the last time we went) and it will surely make for dinner conversation years to come. So glad your family had a great time, even without camera batteries. (:

Linda Thompson

OH MY GOSH!! Peter Pan left a comment!!!!
I'm impressed Heidi!! Your kids will go WILD!

Love, love, love DISNEYLAND too!!!
And I LOVE the Peter Pan ride too!!! My FAV!


Heidi, I hope you bought a disposable camera! I know they aren't that great, but it would be better than no camera.

Christy B

Gosh, no, adults are just BIG kids! We went to DisneyWorld almost 2 years ago and I still talk about it as much as my DD (who turned 9 at Disney, had breakfast in the Castle for her b-day! - I was more excited than her!!!) I loved everything about it and would go every year if I could afford too!!! I'm glad you had such a good time and weather!


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