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Must feel amazing to see your items used like that! But you totally deserve that feeling, considering the cute things you spoil us with! :D

Mel in New Zealand

And, do you know, there are probably thousands of pages all over the world that never get published in magazines but which proudly display your products? There are zillions in my home that's for sure. I couldn't scrap without you!

Cindy McDannold

Sweetie, didn't you know that your products are a "must have" for out lo's? The only problem is getting to the lss to get them before they sell out! Happy Easter, Cindy


Yeah for you getting out. I also hit B&N last night. If you remember me, I have the 1 year old Colton and just had my second a month ago, Shane! Glad all is well with you.


Letting you know that your link to the gallery is not working....

Happy Easter!
BTW Love your products:)


Yes, that must be a thrill to see your fabulous products gracing the layouts in the magazines. I can't even remember the last time I did a layout without a little HS on it! Loving all of the new stuff!


Wow - what a neat feeling to see how much people love your stuff (I am as guilty as the rest of 'em - LOL!) I do love your product, and I am thrilled to have found your blog this week! Now I visit everyday *wink* Glad to know you had a nice evening out - as moms, wives, and professionals, we don't take enough of those! Happy Easter! Alex


That's so nice that you comment about people using your products. They are the cutest products too. I'm amazed Capri will do movies!

Kim Griffin

hope you and your family all have a nice day together....
thanks for the cyber 'hi 5' and hip bump...as you saw from the last email i sent you, i confess that i am a 'heidi-a-holic' and love using your fun, cute product! i now have lots of other scrappers hooked on your stuff too!
i'm glad you enjoyed the altered record i made with my confession of LUV-ING your stuff!! thanks for taking a minute to drop me a line! it made my day!!
kim :o)


enough with all of the self-promotion...geesh.. your ego needs to take a break...
what happened to the heidi that walked down memory lane with us?

I miss her


Heidi, I usually don't comment on blogs, but I have to say that I am so happy that you did what you have done with your products. You have changed the way a lot of people scrap, and I love everything about them. I'm sure it is cool to see your stuff in the magazines.

Happy easter to you and your family today too!


Happy Easter Heidi

I sent an email regarding one of your products 2 weeks ago and haven't heard anything back. I know you are super busy but do you have a customer service department that will respond?

Have a great day with your family


I'm an old MLer and I think you R the same Heidi as back then. You should be proud of the success you have achieved and you bring glory to God in how you live. I enjoy seeing your products in the mags as well...just wish I could get my LOs in some of them. It might help if I tried--LOL! I do miss the lower prices for your classes. Everyone else has raised their prices as well--I miss the good ol'days when I could take a class for $7.00
Wishing you & yours a Blessed Holiday.

Kiera Black

That's too funny about the SSN and your married name. I just did mine too. It's just one of those things that slips your mind when you don't make it a priority. Children take over!


okay.. feeling like so much less of a geek..
when DH & I get a sitter, it's usually dinner and a home depot run, followed by a B&N shopping with a drink and maybe a slice of dessert to share..
Always seemed romantic to me, but others think I am nUTs.. glad I am not alone..
and yes, your stuff is ESSENTIAL.. I use it so often I refer to it and you on a first name basis.

kim Loewen

Sounds like you had a fun night and sounds a lot like our date nights! Love Thai food too! Your products are my favorite cause they are so versitile!

Kayla MacAulay

i LOVE using your products on my pages. I reckon there is aleast 1 thing heidi swapp on all my pages.
You spoil us with fantastic products so I spoil my pages with them.
hugs Kayla


What would a page/ card/swap be like without your bling and things.... LOVE IT!!!!!

Thank you for blogging, it sounds like my life with 4 kiddos.

And as for B & N - that is my favorite thing to do with my hubby and my Best friend..... Nothing else is open late except bars..Chrissy

Susan in NY

I suddenly feel so much cooler knowing that my hubby and I are not the only geeks going to dinner and then to B&N!! ;o) Ours even has a Starbucks, so I get to have my cappuchino while I browse! Another guilty secret: I love your products so much that I have an entire plastic tote that is labelled "Heidi Swapp Stuff." Everything else is sorted by color, but yours lives in its own container close at hand. It's a happy obsession! High-fiving & hip-bumpin' right back atcha!!! Susan


sounds like a good date night, heidi!
my husband and i like reading magazines together, too...we did that this weekend as well....e had some time to kill before our movie started. i'm always in the home dec and crafts sections of the mags while my husband is all about the dirtbiking. so fun!
hope you had a great easter!!

Catherine Feegel-Erhardt  (Memory Maker Master  2007)

wow! never considered THE PRESSURE of YOU picking up and flipping through the magazine....yikes! kidding!... I love HKS stuff!...Check out June issue! I am very proud of those!... getting better with every layout!
I wish our LSS would carry HKS...I have to make a trek to a store that I really don't care for just for HKS... but, you are worth it! Let me know if you ever want to sponsor a class or layout for MM ... happy to promote for you!

Kim G

It is 1:33 am here in Iowa, my kids are sound asleep, along with my husband. I just laughed out loud when I read the cyber hip bump! I think I woke everyone up!
I loved it. Hee Hee...
I have really been stocking up on your products. After I got a hold of your idea book, I just can....not....stop....buying.....everything! Watch my blog for some layouts. You are truly all-inspiring! (Sorry used lots of ... in that post!)

Ashley Schultz

I've always wondered what it feels like to see your stuff in use on people's pages. I love your stuff. I've gotta get my hands on your idea book. :)


I had to laugh about your "date night hot spot", my husband and I always seem to end up at B&N after dinner. I guess the piece and quiet and the ability to look at a book without little fingers tugging on you or knocking books over some how turns us on. :)

I always thought it would be a huge thrill just to have a page published but never thought of the excitement one would get if their "products" were included on page and their name in the source line. Kudos to you for all your hard work and great "stuff".



Just so you know, your products are like no other to me! I am currently going crazy with the Costso pack that Santa left me. Thanks for your brilliance!

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