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Natalie Allen

How awesome! Your mom is one neat lady, I love her blog as well. Aren't moms the best?!?!
Enjoy it Heidi I cant think of anyone who deserves it more than you. I don't know how you do all that you do. You amaze and inspire me...Enjoy your wonderful meals!

Amy Williams

Mom's are simply the best! That is why it's so wonderful to be one. I agree...you do deserve it!


aaawww, what a sweetheart of a mom! What a fantastic teacher gift idea, i am sure they will love it!


What a great surprise from your mom. I need a dream dinners down here. Not for the same reason though, I just don't enjoy cooking!!

And what an adorable gift for the teachers..such a great idea!


Sounds like an awesome gift. I hope you enjoy them. I would love to try them myself.

I also love the teacher gifts. I have been trying to come up with something for my son's preschool teacher and I love it. I kept trying to come up with something to make but I know I just don't have the time right now either so this is great and I think it will be appreciated.


Okay you are officially the most incredibly creative and clever person I have ever known (of)!!!! The teacher gift absolutely ROCKS! I may have never come up with that!! I love how your brain works! And hey girl...do not kick yourself for not thinking of the dinner idea....you have an awful lot on your brain/plate these days! What a mom!!!!!! It is apparant where you come up with your cleverness! Great lady and how nice for her to save your day (errr days!) We all wish we had a mom like that (and to BE a mom like that)!!
Heidi your inspiration is never ending....the Legacy you have been left and the one you are leaving is priceless....pat yourself on the back and give yourself a break! Blessings to you!
Thanks for all you do in AY2R...Love the class, love the journey!!!


I want to come and teach your kids!! That teacher gift rocks - they are going to love your kids even more!!!! And your Mom is so sweet to do that for your family. Enjoy your suppers together!


What a wonderful gift from your mother. Unexpected thoughtfulness is the best. Love, love, love the teacher gifts. Just finished mine yesterday and posted them on my blog. Yeah for the end of the school year. Happy days to you.

Kiera Black

What a wonderful treat from you mom. How thoughtful!

Michelle Gauthier

You're mom is just the BEST! What a sweet thing to do!

And I love the thank you gifts - perfect! And totally something that they'll use and enjoy.


My mom bought a bunch of Let's Dish meals (same as Dream Dinners) for us just before we had our baby a few months ago -- they were so convenient and so yummy. Enjoy!!


Thank goodness for moms and their wonderful ideas! They seem to know just what we need even before we do...Amazing! I admit, I still love it when my mom asks if I'm coming over, because that ALWAYS means she's cooking! And it's even better, as she's Chinese, so more often than not, she's cooking Chinese! Yum! Nothing's better than homemade Chinese food!!

Let me know how the dinners are! I've thought about doing that, as it would save so much time on the days I'm at work; I've just always wondered if the dinners were any good.

Love the teacher gift! I'll have to remember that one for next year!


Your mom ROCKS! She sounds a lot like my mom, because that is totally something that my mom would do to! And, those teacher's gifts! EXCELLENT! I may have to copy you!!! :)


I give your mom an A+! You get pretty high marks yourself on such a creative and fun
teacher's gift.


What a great idea. My neice just had a baby and I know exactly what she'll be getting next week. We have a dream dinner here and I have had the enchiladas and they are very tastey.

Great Teacher gift idea too. I need a good bus driver gift idea.


What a great mom! That is such a cool idea... pre-ordered, regular, take out! I also like what you did for the teachers, such a thoughtful gift and so much cooler than a fruit basket! Great job Heidi!

Nilaja Whitaker

oooooh! how wonderful of your mom! and the teacher gifts make me want to cry. you show appreciation so wonderfully. you make me think "hmm. what wonderful thing can i do for someone today!"

sam  cousins

your gift ideas are just the bomb! you really should do a book on creative & different (yet simple) gift ideas!


How sweet of our mom to do that for you. Aren't surprises like that the best? :o)

Love your cute gift for your kids teachers - how creative!!


Geez its the simplist of gifts that make the biggest impression.... Your Mom's gift-- Wow -- who couldn't use that extra time it takes to make dinner??? And your teacher gift!! Just Wow on the simplisty of it-- but the impact and message!! Thanks for sharing with us


Geez its the simplist of gifts that make the biggest impression.... Your Mom's gift-- Wow -- who couldn't use that extra time it takes to make dinner??? And your teacher gift!! Just Wow on the simplisty of it-- but the impact and message!! Thanks for sharing with us


Your Mom... beyond thoughtful!
Your kids out of school... I'm jealous!
The teacher's gift... darling!

Jennifer W.

as a teacher, I have to say that your gift is a great idea! so thoughtful and sweet -- and totally usefull!


what a very sweet and thoughtful mom you have! she knows how hard you're working and how much you have on your plate!

heidi, i just can't wait for creative escape!! so, so looking forward to it! I LOVED the surprises and it's those little things that made the event such a memorable/special one last year!!

also loving the teacher's gift and may have to copy that one for my son's kindergarten teacher! so creative and thoughtful heidi--hey you are like your mom!! :)

thanks for sharing!


That's neat. Another site I've been liking is www.savingdinner.com.

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