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That was extremely thoughtful of your mom.

Love the idea for the teachers!! I know they are all looking forward to a little R&R in the weeks ahead.

Hope you and your family have a fabulous Memorial Day weekend!

Jamie ~ Alabama


Dream Dinners are wonderful...I get them every other month...and boy! what cute presents for the teachers...I may have to lift that idea for my daughters pre-K teachers!

Jolene George

You really do have a great mom. That truly is the best thing she could have done for you. She's just so awesome!
I love the teacher gift idea. I'm sure it will be much appreciated! http://jolenegeorge.blogspot.com/


Not only do you get 3 fabulous dream dinners..... a dream MOM too, how sweet is SHE?!?

Your teacher gift idea is BRILLIANT- might have to copy you ;o)

Kim Loewen

What a great gift from your mom! I love when my mom does stuff like this for me. She only lives a couple of blocks away, but she brings us dinner occasionally or we go there...it's always nice. I can't wait to see all the fun stuff that will be happening at Creative Escape...I'm already excited!


My friend owns a Enrees Made Easy store and I love it. It's so easy and a no brainer!!


What a great gift from your Mom. When my girls are grown I hope I that thoughtful and intuitive about what they need. Sadly I don't have that w/my own mom...I so don't want to repeat those mistakes!
Thanks for sharing.

~Heather W~

Wow, thank you for the GREAT teacher's gift idea! I try to be creative, but it just fails, and I usually end up getting them gift certificates to the teacher's supply store locally. Which was well and good until that went out of business!

Regan Tomlin

That is the sweetest story of your mom! It is so something my mom would do for me....she has repeatedly come to my house just to clean it when I felt completely overloaded! I hope that I have the sense to do the same when my children grow up!

Dondi Murdock

Heidi, you are so amazing! To do such a thoughtful thing for your kids' teachers! Wow! I teach at an urban, very poor school where parents rarely do anything because they feel too poor to do anything. Even if they only had their kids pick a flower, it would mean so much. It doesn't take much to write a simple, "Thank you for your hard work this year with my child." To teachers that is absolute gold! Gold! Yet it doesn't come often--well, it does in the form of hugs from the kids.

Anyway, that is a very clever and thoughtful thank you gift.

Also, I have this cookie recipe that our my husband's Sunday School class is raving over. I know it doesn't equal your chocolate chip recipe, but these kids are absolutely nuts over these super simple cookies. They are very fast, too.

Here goes: chocolate cake mix, 1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips, 1/2 cup oatmeal, 1/2 cup oil, 2 eggs. Optional: 1/2 cup raisins.

Heat oven to 350 degrees. Combine all ingredients. Mix well. Drop dough by rounded teaspoons 2 inches apart onto ungreased cookie sheets. Bake at 350 degrees for 8 to 10 minutes or until set. Cool 1 minute; remove from cookie sheets. Makes 4 dozen.

Good for those needing a chocolate rush.

Hope you enjoy all your dinners from your mom and the future ones you order if the first ones are good. Do they make macaroni and cheese the way kids like? Dondi M.

Gwen Mangelson

Congratulations to wonderful parents who are teaching righteous gospel principles to their children! And Congrats to Cory for choosing the right!


What an ADORABLE teacher gift idea......I LOVE it!!!!!!

catherine feegel-erhardt (MMM 2007)

i love your mom!

catherine feegel-erhardt (MMM 2007)

ps...happy to fly out and be a CE volunteer...AND still be HAPPY in september...can't wait! thanks for your hard work for us!

Crystal Matushek

Thanks for some great inspiration! I am totally going to rip you off and make up very similiar teacher appreciation gifts for my kids teachers and aides. I love the art center so much that I am going to make one for my kids and 2 for 2 amazing parent volunteers that work in my classroom. I know they could use a little quiet time this summer also. Thanks for the great ideas. I am off to Target after school tomorrow!


What an awesome present from a very cool MOM, I'd say! I love the teacher's gifts, amazing and different idea...much better than the usual school themed gifts!


Dream Dinners are awesome! For anyone who is short on time or just doesn't like to cook this is the best. I go every month with a friend and we have a lot of laughs and walk away with great meals. We have saved lots of money on the grocery bill (and the fast food bill as well). How sweet of your Mom!
Love the Teacher gifts.


PERFECT!!! I went out today and bought 4 beach towels, 4 sunscreen bottles, and 4 issues of Real Simple. This is exactly something that his teachers would love.

Kathi in San Diego

Dream Dinners are the BOMB!

Unfortunately, I have to go put them together myself but what a wonderful thing. Tuesday I spent 2 hours there and made 14 dinners. They are all in the freezer just waiting for me. What could be better than that? In fact, we're having the chicken enchiladas tonight. Yum!!

Hope you enjoy them!!


Dream Dinners is awesome. I used to go when my son's daycare was over here in the East Valley after work. Now that we take him closer to home in the West Valley, I am sad that they don't have one over there. You will be hooked. And now that they have the service where they prepare them for you-well, nothing tops that. :) Enjoy!!!


What a cool thing for your Mom to do - hope those dinners are YUM-O... And how cute is that teacher's gift idea? How thoughtful! :)

Jennie DeMichielli-Moreland

I do DREAM DINNERS. They are Great meals and kid friendly. That was the Best gift your mom could have gotten you. Moms always know what you need.

LOVE LOVE LOVE the teacher gift idea. I will be using that for my daughters teachers. I just got towels at target on sale and knew they would come in handy. How is the preg? I can't beleive everything you do!!!
God Bless


I just wanted to say that I am a teacher and it's really nice to feel appreciated. With all the pressures from administration and colleagues and students and just plain time restraints it's nice to know that someone thinks we make a difference. And, wow, that is a very thoughtful practical gift any teacher would love!


I guess you didn't need my help this year at CE...noticed Catherine f-e will fly out. Wondering why you didn't use local help.? I guess all I need to do is get published! and brag about it, a lot. That's sad. Can I B on your volunteer list 4 next yr, please?
Your Mom truely spoils you! :) Love your teacher gift idea! My son's kindergarten teacher loves Oprah mag(good choice). Have a great summer! I'll B praying for you and your family around baby delivery time. Best Wishes.

Colleen E

I'm a teacher and can't think of a nicer gift then a fav. magazine with something new (a brand new/clean beach towel) that I didn't have to pick out at the store! We have a no "purchased" gift policy at our school, so I always drool over teacher gifts. Our's have to be homemade, so cookies or a flower tend to be the thing we receive (which is fine). However, I've been teaching for over 15 years and always wish I had a wonderful sb-ing parent in my class...not yet! LOL

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