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get to bed you will regret it in the morning!!! Hoping that you can "do" Creative escape in Australia one day, WE LOVE HEIDI SWAPP!!


I should be in bed too! Wasting time reading blogs when I should be sleeping. I think I too enjoy the silence. Have a great trip, and Happy birthday to Capri!


So funny..I have been listening to her for awhile, love Colbie! I thought of you every time with the Capri song, as you are the only one I know with a child by that name! I agree, she is an awesome singer..love her!

Grace Palazzolo

cute mug!

Kim Archer

Hi Heidi!
from one Capri mum to another...how cool that there's a Capri song - I'm off to find it and have a listen!! happy birthday to your Capri..


love colbie's sound!
happy soon to be ONE capri!!!


Have a great trip to Utah!!!
Can't wait to see what fantastic goodies you will be offering on QVC, I already have it ready to record on my DVR.
Happy Birthday Capri, and Tom Brady,we are off to training camp to watch those Patriots train in the 95 degre heat yes.It will be a good time...
Bye for now
peace love and scrapbooking


That just shows how our creative minds go to different places. Mine went straight to :awesome, black and white edited home video of baby Capri, with that song in the background...NOT a scrapbook page LOL


I'm happy you get to enjoy the quiet house and the song is beautiful! Love the mug too. :)


Wow, I agree with kage about the video with that playing.....how cool. Just listened to some songs of hers (colbie) on her website and I am definately loving it! Need to find the cd this weekend. Also love the fray! Happy birthday to capri, cant wait to see the scrapbook page that follows :)

fran heupel

When I first heard that song the first person that came to mind was you and your beautiful daughter Capri. So glad someone sent you the lyrics. It is such a wonderful mellow song. Wow a year old already. Wishing her a fun filled first birthday. Love the mug.

Have a great week-end.


Cindy C. T.

Hi Heidi,
I was just looking through your online class, and I noticed that it looked like you served a mission to Brazil. Is that the case? Or maybe Portugual? I saw the missionary badge and it looks just like my sons. I was just working on his scrapbook for his mission and noticed that the 2 looked alike. Wow! Just one more reason to idolize you! You never cease to amaze me. By the way, my daughter's name is Kolbi!

tara pollard pakosta

congrats on your baby~!
i just finally read that you had hiM!!! what a doLL!!! my sister and i are 10 months apart so i LOVE when someone else has babies that close! brings back memories!!! how fUN!! enjoy!
(oh and we also had 5 BIG BROTHERS on top of us being only 10 months apart, so it could even be more overwhelming for you LOL!!!!!!!!!)...........

Jill Cornelius

Love the song! And LOVE the coffee mug!!!


That song is amazing! I am a few weeks away from having my fourth child,and I totally can relate to you about the whole hormones thing!! The lyrics definitely had me tearing up.


so glad you enjoyed the song & the lyrics!
keep on creating but don't forget to take a moment or two to catch some winks of sleep in there, too!!! :)

Mary Ann

what a sweet sweet song. yes, you must use it in a layout.
I can't wait to use one of the mugs at Creative Escape!! Only 35 days....wow!! So excited!!


Yikes, that month went fast!!

I know what you mean about not 'wasting the quiet' on sleep!


just had to add...i love depeche mode.

Lindsey Cord

Hey Heidi!
Im in your class and Kings of Conveneince fun to listen to while you are scrappin. TV is just trash now a days. Just wanted to let you know that they are awesome!


cool mug ... you know how i have a thing for mugs! that is very cute!


love the song lyrics. who wouldn't get a little teary listening to them.
you are an inspiration to all mum's. have fun at the reunion.


Jenny M

Great song!!

YeeHaw - Love it!


Among all the beautiful things you create, your babies top the list! Lavish the moments of the little ones, they grow up way to fast!

Amber D

The creative escape stuff is looking so cool! Is there anyway to buy the stuff, even if we couldn't make it to the event? Amber

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