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Joy For the Journey

Oh my gosh! Thanks for turning me on to that artist; I had tears in my eyes...and my daughter's name isn't even Capri!


Those lyrics are beautiful. I've been having a hard time going to sleep at night for that same reason. Peace & Quiet. Ahh. Have fun planning Capri's party. I love planning birthday parties.

Rebecca Shelor

Oh yes! I discovered CC on I tunes ... she was a freebie one week.. LOVE it! Bought the album right away...
she's got a great voice

Rebecca Shelor

Especially "magic" ...


Wow! I know exactly what you mean. My husband constantly says, why don't you just go to bed on time??? You're sooo tired in the morning! But, with a full-time job and two kids, what other time do I have to scrap and just to have all to myself, without interruptions, nagging, etc.? Just peace and quiet and me lets me get creative. I don't want to sleep it away. I want to live it. You really inspire me Heidi. You're products are wonderful!

Take care and have fun!


Wow that song is beautiful!! I just had to go and buy it on itunes too!

My friend Natalie is 4 months pregnant and was supposed to find out if she was having a boy or girl today and it had to wait until tomorrow.

Now I hope she has a girl because I want to do a scrapbook for her when I see her on SAturday.

Love your blog Heidi!!

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