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Lyn Meeker

Whooo HOOOO for Newport Beach!!! ... I'm heading out there TOMORROW!!!! My plane lands at John Wayne at about 1:00 ... So I should be in the patio with a book in hand on 31st street by 2:00!!!! ... (Probably too early for the drink...)

Leaving DS (school started this week) and DH (he just got back from his "Guys" trip to Colorado) .. but I haven't seen my parents in a year.. so I'm going without them!

Going to go see Menopause the Musical with Mom and my sisters...

I am so looking forward to this break - after going through all that cancer treatment and finally on the "feeling good" road.

Seeing the pics of the kids on the lifeguard station .. such a memory .. we used to do that when we were kids too!


What a list of happenings!!! Whew! Now you need a vacation. Good thing school starts soon! :D
Went to Bazzill website, but the CE book is only wholesale...know how I can get it retail?


I just bought your card kit it is so cute.
I already own the chipboard 2 of them actually,love your product Heidi.
Enjoy Newport!!!!


I've got QVC on! Waiting to see your presentations!

PROLIX from la Normandie


Could I ask you how do you find
the french scrapbooking papers & accents
I hand drew/designed, please?
It's the dream of my life.
here :

In advance, merci beaucoup for your precious time offered.

Bonne journée,

With regards,


{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}


Oh, your super cute on QVC! Loved all the products....love those clear stamps.

You did a great job!

Lyn Meeker

Oh and re: the diet.. not at Newport Beach!!!

You gotta have Crab Cooker .. and Frozen Banana's .. And Balboa Bars .. And ride the Ferry .. and salt water taffy in 30+ flavors ...(and Perry's Pizza! LOL!) .. and Corn Dogs on a stick .. and Cheese on a stick...

Donna Murdock

Heidi, you do sound so perky again! Way to go--you survived all the post porterm stuff-that's hard stuff!

When you said pizza, and Newport Beach, I assumed you meant BJ's Pizza, right by the pier. If not, you've got to go there! It is our very favorite. We cannot go to Newport Beach and not eat there. I am somewhat gluten intolerant, but I face the pain afterwards to eat a piece of their pizza. They have a good kid's menu, too!

We're excited about your new stuff, too, even though we have no idea what it even is!!!


Saw you tonight--you looked great! I love to "hear" all the designers talk--you're too cute!! And to think you JUST had a baby....wait, you JUST had TWO!!!


Talk about a wonderfully crazy time for you. Congratulations on everything amazing happening in your life right now. Safe travels.

Susanne Huettner

Amazing, all the things you do with your two little ones!

robin corman

Great job on QVC - even if the host did want to call you Heidi Snapp. I bought your card set, one of the last presentations of the day and can't wait to see them. Thanks!

Nicki Lundeen

I have to have the new Creative Escape book...how do I preorder? I read where some of the others say you can only order if you are a vendor...Got to have it (I bought last years and love it). Is there a chance that Creative Escape will ever be held somewhere besides Arizona? Just a long way from me and would love to be able to attend!



you were so cute on qvc! i didn't get to see as much as i wanted, but just wanted to give u kudos. maryjo


saw you on QVC and I must say you're ADORABLE!!!


You looked great on QVC!!!

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