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got it linked...at
Thanks for being so helpful in explaining these cool tricks! The tutorials are so easy to follow also !

Tammy Eberhard

Check out my blog couture! I sure am loving all that H 0f 3 has to offer, especially all of the tutorials & support. Looking forward to the weekend event. Have a good rest of your week!

Jessica B

I just can't get enough of these new banners and backgrounds. This is the second time I have changed mine this week.

Shelley Smith

So cute! Thanks for the freebie!

Shelley Smith

Sorry, here's the link. I actually used it as a header on my own blog, and added some things.
thx again.

Heather R.

OK, too much fun. Seriously. In fact, I don't really know what happened to the last 3 hours of my life because I was perusing, and thinking and otherwise being inspired! Thank you girls for being born, magnifying your talents and helping us yahoo's along the way..........



Hi..no blog but I luv reading your info and following along...your blog is great..so pretty..as are your peers...would love to win something one day...maybe when I learn more I will start a blog..but right now Ima wannabee! ty Cher


I have the plainest blog..could use something bright on black. Nice new digi things you are doing! Glad you are feeling better. Your adventures in China are so interesting. :)

Jaime Benavides

I've revamped my blog using H of 3 Blog Couture...I'm really lovin' it! Not to mention the color combo;) Thanks a bunch!


Haaaaaaay! I just can't stay away from this place! LOVE LOVE LOVE all the new ideas and digi products! I'm really diggin' the blog couture!



Yippee!! Thank you! The blog couture from HO3 is my new favorite addiction! You've made it so, so easy to have a cool looking blog...even for the HTML challenged like me. :) Here's the link to my blog: http://michellegauthier.blogspot.com/

Rhonna was kind enough to tell me how to customize the text on my header and that's my project for this weekend.

Thank you for the freebie!

Jill Bushart

Having more FUN and LOVE all your new ideas from House of 3! I wonder where the time goes after playing with everything. I confess I am another Ima Wannabee when it comes to a blog, but you are making it so tempting! Would love a personalized banner designed by you!

Kelly Mills

Boy oh Boy will I be glad when I can figure out this whole HTML stuff for getting your great backgrounds on my blog... I'm just missing something. But you have great help and I'm waiting now to get a response back for help for the "help desk" sort of speak! Thanks again Heidi for the great goodies over at Hof3 I'm loving it!


I did it I can't believe I did it! I'm technologically challenged and I often tell the husband the reason we are married is so that he can care for all my tech needs :) But this morning I was determined to add a header and background to my blog and I did! http://dani-adayinthelifeofacoffeeaddict.blogspot.com/

Sheila Miller

You girls are like a fresh cup of coffee every morning. You all have such a positive attitude and it spills over to the rest of us! Thanks for making our days full of sunshine and creativity. Oh, and yes, I would love to win a banner.

Debi Clark

Looked all through the web site for Creative Escape and couldn't find out when the lottery drawing is. I was thinking it was the first part of March. Could you clue me in?

Terri in the UK

Hi Heidi, Great to see you've got your courage back about opening up the comments section again!
Am LOVING all the House of 3 stuff, even if I am figuring it all out as I go along!
I'm so excited about your ultimate giveaway that I'd fake another win to get it! AKA CE grand prize.
Have a great day.

Sara Amuso

I guess the site is down, I'm not able to get to the house of 3 page, I'll keep trying!



Thanks for the awesome freebie! Love your pages.


Just got done 'pimpin' my blog, thanks to this fabulous couture set from HO3 ..... I think I'm addicted... I...need....MORE!! ;)

corinne braun

Thanks for making it so easy to be stylish with the blog coutre! love it! here in Canada where it's still cold (-20C) and snowing, the bright colors sure do bring a smile to the face and the hope for Spring. Thanks!

Wendy Antenucci

Okay, I actually managed to get the header on my blog (it only took the whole afternoon)! If I can do it then anyone can get your beautiful products to work for them! Thanks for the trial, I didn't want to spend money on something I didn't think I could do! Now I can really shop. Here is the link to my blog. http://antenucci.blogspot.com/

Jen Goodwin

Okay, I was a slacker and stopped blogging on my personal blog for a while. But you've inspired me to start blogging again!

I didn't know how to do the blog backgrounds, but thanks to your tutorials, my blog is look sweet.

Thanks for the freebie AND the inspiration :)

johanna (from sweden)

yes - i can leave a comment on your blogg... i love your blogg... and you give me sooooooo many inspiration... i did a birthday-book for my friend, i gott the idea by your valentine-book.
My english is not so good, i'm sorry, and my enlish is like my computer-knowless...
and thanks for showing the LO's they are very nice. What are you doing with all your LO's???
thanks for all inspiration.


i just tried the free background and header-love, love, love it!! it makes my blog look so cheerful and springy!



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