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jane jones

i just got myself a blog background and banner last night from House of Three and I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE my new look blog, its that same feeling like when you get your hair done LOL

highly recommended and so easy
if i can do it anyone can

Rachel Tucker

Oh thank you thank you thank you I so wanted to get a background thingy but was unsure how to get it up on my blog so now I can !! well I hope I can ... yeah !!


Hi Heidi! I'm lovin the House of 3. I was just on your site last night checking out your Blog headers and I love them all. I'm still deciding between Happy Sumo Flowers and the Flutterby banner. It's so hard to decide which one to pick. I'm kinda scared to change my background considering I've accidently deleted all my info on my blog. BTW, this has happened 3 times. I can't believe I'm telling you this. I'm so blushing right now. Anyhoo, I love your products and everything about it. I especially love the PINK.


Hugs, Bona


Hi Heidi

I recently uploaded one of the house of 3 backgrounds, & i feel so much more inspired to go to my blog & use it now!

Julie Pilch

Hi Heidi
I can't change my typepad background unless I use one of typepads boring settings. I think it is because I have a "basic" typepad package. Does everyone have the more expensive typepad accounts where it appears that you can change your background or am I totally missing something?!


I'd love a new header - I'm sick of seeing my own head!



Hi Heidi! I love all of the blog couture designs - they are soooo coll and inspiring! Actually the one you just changed to is my favorite at the moment: It opens up your heart and makes you ready for spring! My blog is: www.fraueleins.blogspot.com


Hey Heidi, OMGOSH my friend Jane Jones (you might know her) told me I simply HAD to have one of your backgrounds and banners, and she even bought me the birdies. But oh dear, I had to have pink ;)
So I have uploaded it to my blog with Jane's help ... and gosh I just love it so much.
Thanks to the House of 3 xx

Laura Melohn

I just updated the look of my blog http://lmelohn.blogspot.com. It was my first attempt, so it is not quite as fancy as yours, but I'm proud to have figured it all out. My favorite blog background at H of 3 is Denim Swirl Blog Couture and banner is Vintage Bouquet Banner Blog Couture.


My fave is the Damask Border, which is the one I am currently using! Love it!


Hi, Heidi:

I love them all (especially your blue and yellow today). However, since my blog is called A Simple Life, the Denim Banner fits me most, I think. My daughter and I both love the color combination (blue and brown).




Wow, so cool! I would love to spruce up my blog. The vintage botanicals is my fav so far!

Geralyn Gray

I love it all ---I love whatever Rhonna does. Honestly I feel like a pester. Rhonna is really really helpful---one time I wiped out all of my widgets etc. and it through me. I am mustering up enough patience again, because I do want to change my backround. I already bought my two backrounds. I don't want to win.......but that house of 3 blog of the week is looking like good motivation!!!!!!!!!!!! I have blogger so maybe that is part of it. Oh well I will try try again.


They are all fabulous, but I love the pink and black tapestry background. A girl can never have too much pink and black! Congratulations on your new business venture. You are 3 very talented ladies!


Karen Forgang

I would love to get a great background for my blog...it might inspire me to get caught up on it! I keep trying to get to updating it, but "life" seems to keep popping up! I really need to get a laptop :).
Thanks for considering me!

Kim Bolyard

thank you for the help...I got all the way to the Custom CSS and I can not find that on the page to click...what am I doing wrong..please help


I love the Vintage Urban Junque banner and blog background, I am trying to get the 3 bucks to get it on my blog! I love the look to those they are my favorite!! Your blog looks amazing!!

Nicki Lundeen

I would love to have my blog spruced up. I love the Chandelier Blog Couture Bkgrnd and the Chair Swirl Banner.

Thanks for giving us the chance to make our blogs awesome!


Heidi German

I love the Vintage ledger background because I'm a sucker for old ledger paper! I LOVE the H of 3 backgrounds & banners--they're better than anything out there by FAR!

Kim Loewen

Your blog looks great as always!!! The yellow on your blog is super springy and cheerful! And I have to say that I love all the fun stuff over at Hof3...honestly I'm having way too much fun with it :) I just updated my blog header...you can check it out at


Really there's so many fun things over at Hof3!!! Once again you guys have done a fabulous job!

Kim Loewen :)


I'm delighted that you have opened up comments again! I purchased a blog header the day Hof3 opened, but I have yet to install it! Like you said-scary ;) I'll give it a try now. O love evrything pink/black! Thanks-best wishes!

Dedra Long

Hi there Heidi....

I have had a house of 3 background for a few weeks now and I LOVE it.....

It has spruced up my little corner of the internet....

Can't wait to see the March addition....
Dedra ;-)


I love the flutterby background and header and the great outdoors header. I am so not computery too, but I recently started a blog and I'm trying to learn how to make it pretty.

Jeannette P

I love the funky dots 2 banner. And the cool blog couture background. So cute & so fun.

Jeannette P

sorry, forgot the link to my blog in my previous post.


Hey did you know that if you try to type sorry with your fingers shifted over a little you get the word dotty? LOL just happened to me since I'm trying to finish up on the computer & get my son off to school soon.

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