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Hokey Smokes-I DID IT HEIDI! I hadn't yet even experimented with PSE because I was too intimidated and now it is done! Thanks for the encouragment I needed! www.theworldaccordingtobrynn.blogspot.com I love PINK/black/white! YAY!


I think I have the most boring blog design ever! Not a single graphic on it. I would love to spruce it up with either the damask border or the black bird.


Hi Heidi! I am so in love with all things House of 3! I used some of the overlays to alter photos and I put them in magnet frames and stuck them on our stateroom door on the cruise we were on over the weekend! It was a nice way to remember which door was ours! I am loving the Funky Dots for blogs and I will ask the husband and Rhonna for help adding it to my blog: http://dani-adayinthelifeofacoffeeaddict.blogspot.com/ I definitely need to jazz it up but I feel just like you worried that I'm going to break something in all of blogger!

Nicole R.

My favorite is the Bright Flowers. I too am anxious for spring. We have had warmer weather and the snow is starting to melt but I don't dare get my hopes up. Being from Idaho we had snow until June last year.



Heidi I am SOOOOO frustrated right now. I have two lovely house of 3 backgrounds and I can get them to display behind the center section but cannot get them transparent like yours are. I had to monkey with the code to get them to even show up in the background. Any ideas?



Hi Heidi!
I am in love with the House of 3! But not so much in love with Dell right now. My laptop crashed and I can't update my blog to the fun stuff that I've gotten from H of 3!
Now that I'm an alum of Karen Russell's Photographers' Workshop, I love blogging and posting my pictures!!!
The polka dots on your current background are awesome. My kids LOVE polka dots!

Cathy Sullivant

I did it after several tries and a deep breath! It worked! I love yours that is my new favorite!



I changed up my blog today with the ledger background, my current favorite although I love the blue & black damask as well. Here's a link to my blog: http://aimee.typepad.com/


LOVE all the new, CREATIVE designs on HO3!!! FUN!!! I have a hard time picking a favorite, but the pink ones are great for V-day this month.




I love the Chandelier look, but there's no banner to match it!!

Monica G

I am just getting into this blogging thing so making mine cute is so important to me! I still don't know quite what to type about so having a cute header and background are a must!!! Especially if you are giving one away, even better FREE!!! I can't pick a favorite design because I love them all! Of course I think of myself as a girlie girl, loving all things blingy!!!

Nancy Wyatt

Love all the Blog Backgrounds and Headers! I'm constantly changing mine hoping my visitors won't mind. And surely they won't since they are all so FAB! Keep up the great work!


I shut my blog down a year ago but looking at all the fresh designs on Ho3 is making me reconsider. . . I might need a new blog just for a new background!


hi heidi! love the banners and backgrounds! my fav is the damask artisan background mixed with the green swirled banner. i would love for my blog to be jazzed up...



I have thought about changing up my blog's banner and background. I found a few designs on Ho3 that I like, but would have no idea how to get them on blogspot. These are my faves:

funky dots 2
happy sumo flowers
bright flowers
denim swirls
snowflakes (but not right now - I am sooo done with winter!)


Naomi Ockerman

OMG i love the Hof3....OH and YoYoGabbaGabba rocks too


Heidi- so so so loving your blog background colors! The yellow polka dots and the aqua (my fav color!)...makes me happy :) I could use alittle happiness in my life right now thats for sure! Anyways, I didn't see the yellow polka dot avail. for the background, so I am liking either the cool blog or the damastic couture - this was hard deciding which was my favorite- as they are all pretty cool :)
I am loving my blog but typepad is so dang confusing! thanks for the chance to win! :)


i love your new look, i think the idea of change it around is great, i think the funky dots 2 is probably my fav i love me some brown yumminess.
thanks for the chance to win something so cool. my blog is really only for me i am fairly sure no one but me reads it but i still like the idea of a change!




I love them ALL - how is one to choose? In a house of all boys, I'm definitely needin' some blog couture!


ooohhhh....they are all so gorgeous. I am having trouble deciding. I think I like the funky dots 2 the best.


I haven't used my own personal blog for a few years. I am finding it intimidating to even try to revamp it for fear I will mess up something lol. This is the link to my blog where I would like to start adding my 365 project pictures. http://whispersislandlife.blogspot.com/
PS. I love what you've done with your blog!

Kim Brown

Two word: Damask Border. Oh so lovely.

We watch yo gabba gabba too. My son loves Plex. We sing all of the songs, don't be afraid, try it you like it (thanks for the help on the veggies) and how cute is the one were DJ Lance rock does the beat beaty beat beat beat clap clap. point to your head, point to your nose...etc...probably our favorite episode!!


OMG! AHHH! I have to say that HOUSE of 3 is my all time favorite. It's sooo ME! I would be so honored for you to create a blog couture just for me. Like you, I too am scared to change my blog in fear that it'll wipe out my entire entry. I just started digital/hybrid scrapbooking and love it. My favorite blog couture is the chandelier blog couture. I just love the chandeliers and the swirls and of course, the pink and black! Love it! You gals are AweSoMe and such an inspiration!

Happy scrappin'



Hmmm....I love so many of your blog couture designs. I can't wait to change it up. But for now I am loving and using the Damask Artisan designs. I love that the blue/black color combo is masculine enough to represent our male dominant household--and the feminine curves of the damask represent me and my personality. :) I have been having so much fun with the Hof3 goodies. My boys loved the Valentine books I created from your kit. (check out Feb 14-15 on my blog) Thanks for the inspiration. I have been in a bit of a creative funk...y'all have helped release my repressed creativity. :) Thanks!

Jaime Benavides

Hey Heidi! Here's a link to my blog - http://www.scrapcrazydiva.blogspot.com/ and the background I like is here - http://www.houseof3.com/black-bird-blog-couture.html and I like the matching header as well. Thanks for the chance to win!

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