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Hop, skip and a jump from Ottawa .... you sure I shouldn't put the tea/coffee on?

Have fun ... and do try to get to the Edmonton Mall. Apparently it is quite an experience.


Sure, you come to Alberta right after I MOVE from there to Saskatchewan. Sheesh! I guess I'll forgive you IF you post lots of pics,and even more inspiration!


I'm afraid Edmonton isn't a hop, skip, and a jump from South Carolina, but I do so much want the Energy Journal kit! Please, please, please make it available!

Kim Bolyard

I wish a save trip back to the USA and I hope one day I will pass you on the streets of Mesa when I am there visiting my daughter at ASU...or soon when I finally get to move there. I am so excited to be visiting ASU in a couple of weeks with my daughter.

All the best to your family on your new venture.



I feel lucky when my son (at 11) snuggled up next to me on the couch after he got up really early one morning. We talked about school, what he was reading, stuff he liked...a special moment that will go away too quickly.

Elizabeth McBride

I am lucky because I've had two primary cancers, including a very rare aggressive eye cancer, and I'm still alive. Alive is a good thing to be ;-) I'm also lucky because I'm Irish.


I feel lucky because even though I live in Minnesota, it feels like spring this week with warm weather!

Tertia Jacobs

I am lucky to have lived in Africa in the most exciting times of change. I am lucky to have met Nelson Mandela. I am lucky that I get to spend every day of my life with my wonderful granddaughter that thinks I am pretty special.

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