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joanne antivilo

I want to come.....when are you coming back to Sydney...hehe

Mellisa Ross

okay Heidi - what do we need to do to get you to our nations capital ... Ottawa?? Ooooohh how I would LOVE see-meet-create with you. And I imagine I will only be the first in line!

Enjoy your time in Edmonton .. and make sure you leave some free time to visit the Edmonton Mall. I hear it is a sight to be seen. (shoppings, water park, rides, oh my)


that is super cool cause i live in edmonton!!

johanna (from sweden)

that sounds like music in my ears... but its far away... please come to sweden, (its very nice here!) and teach and bring your stuffs to sweden (its not easy to gett them here...).

Sandy M

Heidi, I just want to let you know that you should make an ALL DAY visit to the City of Calgary(Edmonton's biggest rival city)!! You'll have to come during Stampede time and we will show you the true Western Hospitality. If you like Hockey, the Calgary Flames is better than the Edmonton Oilers:)
Have fun in Edmonton. Checkout Whyte Ave and visit Gravity Pope(shoes!!!)

Lindsay Bateman

Cannot wait....what time is registration on March 16th?

Jaime Benavides

This sounds like a BLAsT! Wish I could attend but I have to tend to my baby girl... Any chance you will be having any events in California, or near? I also completed a scrapbook page last night using House of 3. I just posted it on my blog this morning;)

johanna (from sweden)

i just tried to order some chep stuffs from your shop, but its says:
"We are currently unable to process and ship orders outside of the USA from this website. "
johanna (is wondering)


Hey Heidi,

Oh, how I would love to come. Your so creative. When do you plan to come to Tennessee? I would love to create with you as well as all the rest of my fellow scrappers here in Greenbrier.


Well I live in Edmonton and the weather can really be a crap shoot. You must go to WEM it is cool, your kids would be busy for days.


This might be a ridiculous question, but I live in Edmonton and have just recently come across House of Three. ( I purchased a blog couture and downloaded the freebie!) I am not a huge scap booker but love what I see on your site, would this, meaning your one day class, be the place to start? or would I be totally lost with all the advanced techniques?

Liz Hagage

cant wait!!!!! i live right by WEM and let me say you can not see the whole mall just in 1 day!
and you never know if we will still have snow in April hehehehe.


It will be about 5 to 15C or 41 - 59F when you are there and hopefully no snowstorms. The trees will not be leafed out. Perhpas starting to if it's an early spring. So no grass or flowers, should have come May 28 for all that.

Go to Lululemon and get some fabulous yoga wear, there's one in West Ed Mall. I"m only 6 hours north of Edmonton, but that's still a comittment to get into the city. So you'll be so close to me (in this big world) yet so far.


Just so you know, it was -40 degrees (both C and F - it's where the scales meet) on Wednesday past. But it can change 30 degrees from one day to the next, so it could be beautiful when you come.

By the way, just in case you may not know, WEM is West Edmonton Mall. The developers built this mall, then went on to build the Mall of America in Minn. So it's BIG. The American $ is also doing well against the Canadian $, and we have sales tax (5%) only - no provincial (i.e. state) tax on goods. Also, the Edmonton Oilers used to practice on the rink there, which was fun to watch - especially when Gretzky and Messier were there. (Don't know that the Oilers still practice there.)

Enjoy Edmonton! Of course, being a Calgarian, I think you would have more fun down here....



How 'Pink' will the projects be? - the secrets pages particularly. I just struggle to make use of much pink on my pages!


Heidi-I know you are busy packing up to head back to the States, but when you settle down again will you give us some of the Chinese recipes you learned to make?
Thank you. I have enjoyed exploring China with your eyes. Thank you for sharing that with us.

Renee A.

I would love to come see you again but I can't take time off work during the week. I so would go if it was on a weekend.

Have fun! I will have to hear all about it from Talia.

Enjoy Edmonton!

Lorrie Jonas

I ordered some products off your sight on line and I am having some trouble..
I have called the office twice about being billed twice for the products. I have had to call long distance both times. I called on Friday and talk to a woman in billing. She said she would take care of this but my money has not been refunded. I am giving them two business days for someone to take care of this matter or I am filing a Visa dispute as my bank suggested. I just thought I would let you Know that the company you are dealing with on line doesn't have good costumer service. I love your products, but I probably will not order directly from you because they are not being very timely with this problem.. Any suggestions before I need to make this an issue with my bank???? I thought I would contact you directly.. I don't know what else to do..

Lorrie Jonas


email me!

Michelle Turgeon

This is truly amazing that you are coming to Edmonton. Scrapbooking is big in canada but I often wonder if it is as popular as it is in the states. Scrabeooking is my #1 hobbie, passion, love etc you get the point. I am sure you feel the same. When I look at my pages that I have created it brings tears of joy to my eyes that one can create such beautiful pieces. I hope to meet you and be able to enjoy a day scrapbooking with you. I live 4 1/2 hrs northwest of edmonton so this truly would be a pleasure.

Michelle Turgeon


Hi Heidi,
I left you a messages on the other post, but you know I don't want to miss this opportunity! I would love for you to pick me to come to Edmonton for this wonderful class!!! You are an inspiration to me, and I would be honored to be chosen. The pages that we create are heirlooms for our children and I know that my boys love it when I make books about them. I would truly be blessed for have the chance to meet you and be taught by you in person. My fingers are crossed!!!!

Stacie Jo Enriquez

i would REALLY, REALLY like to come 8->


Hi Heidi,

I've been scrapping for 10 years and I am so excited that you chose to come to Edmonton. I would really really really love to attend your workshop. I recently got married and need some great inspiration and tips to fullfil my dream wedding album.

Consider this my submission for one of 2 spots in your workshop on the 30th.


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