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I love your layout! Seriously, your blog design is WONDERFUL! Did you do it?

Congrats to your winners!

Holly Mann

Congrats to all those winners! Hope you Own celebration of St. Patrick's Day Was fun, and Full of memories, I know mine was! Thanks again for all your generosity!

Kim Rose

Yippee! You have opened your blog for comments. I am sad that I missed this last contest but will be watching for the next.
You are amazing... good luck with the BIG move home. What a adventure! Can't wait to see you again.. I am hoping.. praying.. for CE!

Kim Rose
aka: Your biggest Idaho fan


That book looks adorable and super trendy. I'm loving it.

corinne braun

How wonderful - you are a blessing to many - so thanks! Congrats to the winners - but aren't we all winners in one way or another?
I really enjoyed last years CE and hope to go some year again and really glad you're coming to northern Canada. Love the calendar - off to shop!


How fun more giveaways! Thanks! Well done to all the winners! :)


I really love your new products & all the amazing stuff from HO3!

tara pollard pakosta

I have to say my favorite thing about you is not just your scrap products, but the simple fact that you still love scrapbooking with a passion of a person first starting out with it! LOVE THAT!

johanna (from sweden)

oh- i missed to sign in for winning... new chance tomorrow....
i love your alphabets, but its not easy to by them in europe...
thanks for all inspiration.

Lesley Oman

congrats to all those lucky winners out there. gotta make my way over to HO3 now to check out all the cool goodies today.


I love the new "word definitions" that you have been using. Is that going to be new at HO3? Or, where can we get them?


Congrats to the winners...you all are indeed lucky.
Love checking out your blog Heidi and of course love all the products to show us.

Thanks, Catherine A


Love all the fun giveaways! I find your products so fun and can't wait to see what you come up with next! :)


Congrats ladies!! Everyone is indeed "lucky" or "blessed"!! Lovin' the giveaways!!!

Sher B.

Hey there - wanted to say congrats to the "other" Sher here - I got a couple e-mails telling me that I won but I'm not the right Sher - glad to see that someone with the name was a winner! How fun!!! Sher B.

Mary Clark

I am so glad I can post and tell you how much I enjoy your blog. I love all the pics you take. I click on them to enlarge them and pore over them. You take such good ones.
My husband and I are much much older than you, but the only thing I have to compare your move to China is that a couple of years ago our youngest daughter, her husband and little boy were stationed in Germany, and they invited us to stay with them for 4 months. For us, it was "scary", but ultimately we had a wonderful time. Good luck on returning to AZ
Mary from VA

Michelle Aguilar

Oh I love the layouts! Cute Heidi, and thanks for offering prizes. Whoo-hoo!
I got in again for CE. wow! I can't wait as this is my 2nd time in a row and then I waited patiently the 1st two years.

Susan in NY

I NEED some summer sun after the winter we have had...so between being Irish and loving the beach, i am hoping some luck withh 'shine' upon me!!! LOL

mary t

i love it all!!!!!!!

mary t

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