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Now wouldn't THIS be something to love about St. Pat's day?!?? :)

mandie segura

I feel lucky for the awesome weather we've experienced this winter her in New Mexico! It has been SO nice! :)


Lucky,lucky,lucky..... I must say I don't feel lucky most days, but if I do win some of the goodies I can tell ya that I'll be a believer! Thanks for the effort you go through to make us feel part of your life.


I'm so lucky (blessed) because I have my health, my husband, a 1 year old boy and another on the way, a new roof over our heads and a job. Can't ask for much more!


I feel lucky to be one of the first 100 to download the goodies from HO3...that and that my supply stash is pretty good right now ;)

Jaime Benavides

Thanks for this AwEsOmE blog background and brushes! Also, for the chance to win some of your new CHA gOOdiEs. Your layouts are amazing as always...Thanks for sharing;)

Julie Pilch

Having three happy healthy lively funny crazy kids makes me feel 100% lucky lucky lucky!

Marie Moser

Those are such great designs! I wish that I had digital programs to work with them!! And today is my birthday so I hope that I win one of your "traditional" prize packs!!

Kristy Gussio

This may sound corny, but I am feeling lucky (blessed) to have stumbled upon this "hobby"/"obsession" we call scrapbooking!! I never thought of myself as a particularly creative person, but scrapbooking has opened up a whole new world for me. I LOVE everything about it: the product, the people, the inspiration, but most of all, I love that I am creatively keeping memories alive for my family...so very LUCKY!!

Julie Trout

What makes me lucky? To be a mom to my five wonderful children who continue to amaze me each and every day.

I know that it is not 'luck' but a blessing from God that I am part of such a wonderful family!

Thanks! Happy St. Patrick's Day!


I feel lucky!!! Lucky to be alive and have a great healthy family. Oh and a job in this economy.

So happy for you and your scrapbook stash moving back to the USA!!! What a great experience of living abroad.

Love your new stuff and would LOVE to win it. I would feel even more LUCKY!!!

melissa m

I"m lucky today because it's 70 degrees AND sunny!!! A beautiful day after a long hard winter.

Jen Gough

I am a lucky today because it is going to be a high of 67 and is sunny and wonderful out!



Lucky...I am lucky in so many ways and one of the biggest ways is the wonderful people in my life. I love my friends and family. And today is a great day to reflect on just how lucky I am. Thanks!

Ann Mabee

My nine grandkids make me feel very lucky to be their grandma.


Happy St. Pat's Day, Heidi! My family makes me feel "lucky" --- every day.


I don't know what makes me lucky. I wish I did because maybe I would finally get chosen to go to Creative Escape. Maybe next year....right? I have told myself that for three years now. Anywho... I would certainly consider myself lucky if I won this drawing.


I feel lucky/blessed every time I look at my healthy children.

Glad to hear you're coming home. It seems like a short time ago I was in your year to remember class and you were leaving for China. Wow, how time flies!

Deven Farris

Heidi - I've been looking forward to your new stuff FOREVER - I can't wait to play with your mega masks and invisibles. I've been 'lucky' with the things that really matter - family and health and happiness. With my hubby losing his job, we've been reflecting on how lucky we really are, despite the economy. I know things will look up - I'm feelin' lucky! (I'm also a HUGE fan of the frozen minty-goodness!!)Good luck to you and yours with your upcoming move.


I am feeling a little "blue" cuz I have not received an invite to CE...sob sob. Then I need to step back and be thankful that I was able to attend last year and it was fabulous. Today I feel "lucky" to have a loving DH who is so supportive of me and my scrapbooking passion. Hats off to all those great husbands...
Thanks Heidi, Catherine


I am so lucky to still be working at an amazing company that keeps inovating to be able to meet our market demand. Not that it's anything creative, like scrapbooking, LOL!! But it is something that is good for the environment. Lucky world!


I live in Michigan and I am still employed!! Now that is lucky.

debbie susee

I feel blessed/lucky to be able to be a stay at home mom.


I am lucky to be living the life I have dreamed, with my DH in the home we built together. Life is good!


I'm lucky because spring is just around the corner (I hope)!

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