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I'm sure you'll be happy to get home once you have made the move.. Love the new line can't wait to try the invisibles!! Pick Me hehehehehe

Tami F

I am lucky to live where we do--having great doctors. My little girl has celiac disease and was diagnosed very soon after displaying the first symptoms thanks to our great doctors. She is thriving now. So I'm lucky and blessed.

Liz Oram

I feel lucky that I learned early to save money and know how to make my own unique things!! My hubby and I are looking to buy our first place, so in this economy debt free is really going to help us do this. So, for today-right now, I feel really lucky to be debt free!

Caryl Hope

Well, I'm feeling lucky today... got my family, I'm able to stay at home and take care of the kids, and I have this opportunity to win Heidi Swapp goodies! Now, nothing beats that.... :-)


Oh Heidi, I watched your video tutorials on how to use your new invisible products. I think it looks like so much fun!

I am feeling lucky today because we had a fantastic night out front with our neighbors visiting and watching the kids play. It was as I remembered growing up. We've scheduled another get together tomorrow night, too! fun :)

Anne Thompson

I am lucky to be able to be a stay at home Mom and watch my baby girls grow : )

Crystal LaDoux

I am lucky because I have a wonderful husband that loves me and two beautiful girls!



I am lucky to have the opportunity to be a stay at home Mom to my 6yr old. It is a gift I am thankful for everyday.


I agree with you Heidi. I know the things I feel lucky about... love, family and friends... are truly blessings!

annette abrahamson

i'm lucky because i have a loving family who believe in creating their own luck! meaning: going after our dreams, that everything is a choice and it can and will create your own kind of "luck"!!!!

Debbie Meursing

Even though my husband has decided to leave me and the two kids after 12 years of endless support through medical school and residency, I am lucky to have had 2 superific kids from him. Especially lucky since I had a hysterectomy last year and can no longer have children.


I'm lucky to have my wonderful husband and daughter. Life is pretty good. :)

Samantha Piette

I feel lucky to be married to my best friend. It's a wonderful feeling that I sometimes need to stop and think and marvel at. :-)


Lucky to have such a great family, and three wonderful boys.

Kim Gust

I'm lucky/blessed for many reasons. I have wonderful husband and a 14-month-old son whom I love watching grow and learn. And I am going to be a home-owner on Friday and am packing to move!


What makes me lucky? Being married to my high school sweet heart, having two healthy kids and two jobs makes me feel pretty lucky right now...

Leslie Kiley

Not feeling lucky right now except in the really important things such as family. I would love to come with my daughter to Creative escape as we have each year but alas no lucky e-mail. I would have loved to recieve the download but alas i missed that as well. I am hoping for this drawing. Maybe it is my turn to be lucky?


I am totally with you on the "blessed" point, as opposed to luck, so with that said, I consider myself to be soooooo LUCKY to have my faith in God, a house that I do not have to worry about losing, food in our pantry, a car that is reliable and a family that I would not trade for anything in the world. And I am sure to thank God for all this many times a day! :-) I also must say that i think it is quite a blessing to have the INTERNET, so I can be part of a lovely community of scrapbooking ladies (and Tim!), even though we all live far apart! :-)

Vinyl Banners

Looks like the makings of a great concept. The Luck of the Irish does seem to be rubbing off on a lot of folks lately. Thanks!

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